Month: March 2015

A waltz wins ‘Dancing with your Community Stars’; STGnews Videocast, Photo Gallery – St George News

ST. GEORGE – The stars came out a little early Saturday night and they were wearing their dancing shoes as the Washington County Children’s Justice Center in sponsorship with the Southern Utah Home Builders Association put on the first ever “Dancing with your Community Stars.”

Dancers at the Children’s Justice Center benefit event are introduced before performing their numbers for the judges and audience, St….

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“This currency would not be punished like the dollar is today”

Proof that Bitcoin can empower the minority, independent of political will or regulatory circumstance, is coming to light in 2015 – in Cuba.

In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, members of the Club Anarcocapitalista de Cuba (Cuban Anarchocapitalist Club; CAC) were able to go on record to describe their mission to bring the social and economic freedom engendered by Bitcoin to their local community.

Changing international relations with Cuba have made international headlines in recent months. Trade embargoes with the US are under review, and in their absence a Cuba could emerge which would swiftly become unrecognizable from the mysterious country with the foreboding government of the past 50 years.

The CAC proves first and foremost however that the freedoms afforded to ordinary Cubans are as restricted as before at present, and that the process of increasing awareness of Bitcoin is both laborious and dangerous.

“We believe that Bitcoin has an essential role to play within the context of renewed relations between Cuba and the USA,” CAC co-founder Joisy Garcia said. “This currency would not be punished like the dollar is today; the dictatorship makes holding…


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