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Valencia, Spain | Business Travel Destinations

Most people think of City of Arts and Sciences when they think of Valencia, Spain. It is a modern complex that includes a planetarium, oceanarium and a museum. It’s probably one of the most famous structures you’ll find in Valencia, Spain. And the space is probably among the most unique you’ll find for meetings and special events. That alone should catch your attention for business travel.

When Valencia, Spain landed the America’s Cup in 2007, it gained even greater attention in the international meetings industry (Oranges, palm trees, art deco, paella, daytime fireworks, Spain’s best food market, hot chocolate with pumpkin fritters, the Mediterranean, Roman ruins, horchata, rice fields, another Parador….

Still, it seems to be one of the best kept secrets from Americans: a little more than 50,000 visited there in 2015.

Mark Oreglia, professor in the department of physics at the University of Chicago, The Enrico Fermi Institute, has participated in four different events held in Valencia. One program he attends is the International Linear Collider Workshop ECFA, a scientific conference that was held in Valencia in 2012.

“For international balance reasons we cannot go to Valencia too often, but most of my colleagues would like to!” Oreglia explains. “Far and away that is the locale my colleagues remember most fondly. Its just a magical place, but still runs efficiently for business travelers.”

The program has been held in major international cities, such as London, Paris, Chicago, Tokyo, Beijing, Geneva and Frankfurt.

What makes Valencia a standout in the meetings industry and for business travelers? It’s a relaxed city that is one of the more cost effective cities in Spain.


Smart Contract marketplace Modex to connect developers with apps » CryptoNinjas

Fintech social pay app company Moneymailme announced that Modex — its smart contract marketplace — will open to a wider investment base with its much-anticipated ICO scheduled for early October.

Modex aims to bridge the gap between businesses and developers, in order to vastly accelerate global adoption of blockchain technology. Given the emerging norm for ‘borderless’ transactions, distributed ledger technology and blockchain has opened the door to a new world of “data…

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SGS College get off to winning start in ECFA League – BCFC

SGS College get off to winning start in ECFA League  BCFC

5 Practical Ways Bitcoin and Blockchain Can Help You Grow Your Business

MichaelWuensch / Pixabay

Technology is changing business processes and financial landscape and the response of businesses to these new technologies will determine whether they swim or sink. Such technologies include different cashless payment solutions available today, among which are Bitcoins and blockchains.

If there is a time to start using Bitcoin and blockchain to grow your business, it is right now.

Here is why:

Bitcoin was established to make online payments easy without stress. The good…

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Mario Draghi of the ECB dashes Estonia’s plan for an “estcoin” cryptocurrency backed by the government — Quartz

Bitcoin, the original stateless cryptocurrency, has often been tolerated and sometimes embraced by governments, central banks, and other key institutions around the world. But there is a limit to some officials’ acceptance of cryptoassets.

The president of the European Central Bank yesterday rejected the idea that Estonia, which is part of the euro zone, could issue and manage its own state-backed cryptocurrency. The idea is still theoretical, but ECB president Mario Draghi shot it down…

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