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Hacked Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange Chief Maintains Innocence

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Prosecutors in Japan Seek 10-Year Embezzlement Sentence for Mark Karpeles

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Medici Ventures Completes $3.6 Million Securities Token Transfer Using The Ravencoin Blockchain


While an abundance of hype surrounds the capabilities of blockchain technology, its ability to transfer equity using tokens as digital securities has been demonstrated.

Medici Ventures, the leading blockchain accelerator and subsidiary of, Inc., has successfully conducted a digital securities token transfer representing its equity ownership in Chainstone…

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Cointext Rolls Out Mobile BCH Services in Bangladesh, Now Services 38 Countries

Cointext has launched internet-free mobile BCH wallet services to users in Bangladesh. The announcement comes following the recent rollout of Cointext’s services in many new regions, bringing the total number of countries now able to access the company’s services to 38.

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Cointext Launches BCH Services in Bangladesh

Cointext Rolls Out Mobile BCH Services in Bangladesh, Now Services 38 CountriesCointext, a BCH…

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Hard times at Harvest | WORLD

Five years ago, Harvest Bible Chapel, a Chicago-area megachurch with multiple campuses and an average weekly attendance exceeding 12,000, sent shock waves through the Christian community when it publicly excommunicated two former elders and indirectly censured a third.

The edict was news beyond Chicago because James MacDonald is Harvest’s pastor: His Walk in the Word radio and TV ministry reaches millions weekly. Harvest also is home to Vertical Worship, Vertical Church Films, Vertical Church Network, and Harvest Christian Academy in Elgin, Ill., and Camp Harvest in Newaygo, Mich.

What many didn’t know at the time was that the September 2013 surprise came just 24 hours after eight former elders—including longtime board chairman Dave Corning—sent a strongly worded letter to the remaining elder board. The letter stated that 2 Timothy 3:1-5 lists nearly 20 traits that disqualify a person from being a pastor or elder, and “it is our opinion that these apply substantially to James.”

The letter charged MacDonald with, among other things, “self-promotion … love of money … domineering and bullying … abusive speech … outbursts of anger … [and] making misleading statements,” adding, “We are prepared to bring forth a host of specific examples and witnesses.” (WORLD has published the entire letter here.)

Harvest officials quickly went on the offense. In a video shown on seven Harvest campuses the next day, four sitting elders accused the three former elders who had resigned most recently—Scott Phelps, Barry Slabaugh, and (without naming him) Dan Marquardt—of “great sin” for sending the letter to the elder board. Current elder Steve Huston warned members to avoid the three men, saying they were “defiling many people.”

WORLD covered the dispute briefly and reported the three censured men’s accusations that Harvest had a puppet elder board that did not even have access to financial details such as MacDonald’s salary. They…


Denmark Targets 2,700 Bitcoin Traders for Tax Payments After Tip-Off From Finland

Denmark’s tax agency (Skattestyrelsen) has confirmed it is “identifying” 2,700 individuals it says owe taxes on Bitcoin (BTC) gains, according to a Dec. 12 press release.

According to Skattestyrelsen, the Danish citizens bought and sold Bitcoin via an unnamed Finnish cryptocurrency exchange between 2015 and 2017, but did not declare any profits or losses on tax documents.

Now, the agency will go after each individual with an eye to determining their payment obligations.

“Right now we…

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Denmark Argues Crypto Traders’ Tax Obligations Clear

A Danish lawyer and “Bitcoin expert,” Payam Samarghandi, has claimed that Denmark’s Bitcoin and crypto traders have been confused by grey tax regulations, which may have put them at risk of future tax penalties:

“There are several of them that the tax authorities have contacted now in connection with the information received from the Finnish tax authorities who have been in charge of the Tax Council’s statements and thus have not paid (tax on) their (earnings) from bitcoins.”

The lawyer was referring to news announced in September that Danish tax authorities had been in touch with their Finnish counterparts, who furnished the Danes with information on 2700 Danish citizens trading on a Finnish Bitcoin exchange.

Samarghandi said that he had been receiving more calls from people concerned about the news, and said he believes many of his clients have been operating under an assumption that Bitcoin is not defined as real currency in Denmark and is therefore not taxable.

He said the Danish tax authority said as much in 2014.

But according to the Treasurer for the ruling Danish Liberal Alliance and member of the Danish Tax Council, Louise Schack Elholm, Danish tax laws…


Cheap Power Is Luring Battered Bitcoin Miners to Iran

As it stands, current U.S. sanctions have further deterred potential investors that have ties to the world’s largest economy. Guo, who owns a mansion in California, told CoinDesk via WeChat that while he agrees the opportunity is very attractive now that the bitcoin mining difficulty and the overall network hash rate have both dropped significantly, investors like him would not dare to become involved.


What Is Revain Network?  Introduction to R and RVN Tokens

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What Is Revain?

Revain is a blockchain-based business review and feedback platform similar to Yelp or Angie’s List. Businesses incentivize users to leave public feedback that’s posted to Revain’s digital ledger on the Ethereum blockchain.  And users are incentivized to review each other – alongside an artificial intelligence-powered neural network – to determine who earns RVN, the ERC-20 cryptocurrency token of the Revain network. 

RVN is then exchanged…

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Hungry Attack? Has 1,500 Restaurants That Let You Use Bitcoin

Strapped for cash with a bad case of the munchies? You’re in luck. If you live in Denmark, that is. You can now use your bitcoins again at to order online takeaway from over 1,500 restaurants.

Denmark may be more famous for its pastries and its Vikings, but it seems the small Northern European country is breaking new terrain once again, just like its ancestors prior.

There aren’t all that many places that allow you to buy food with bitcoin and…

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US Regulators Tie Two Bitcoin Addresses to Iranian Ransomware Plot

OFAC believes Khorashadizadeh and Ghorbaniyan converted more than 7,000 bitcoin transactions into Iranian rial, processing roughly 6,000 bitcoin, worth millions of U.S. dollars, on behalf of SamSam’s creators. These transactions included bitcoin received as part of the payment from SamSam’s victims.


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