Month: March 2019

Algeria Embroiled in Political and Economic Unrest – Time to Lift Bitcoin Ban?

Algeria, one of North Africa’s largest producers of oil and gas, is currently going through serious political and economic turmoil.  Amid the current unrest, it’s perhaps high-time for the country to reconsider its position on Bitcoin as it has proven itself as a viable alternative during times of upheaval. 

Algeria: Arab Spring 2.0?

Algeria, officially the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, is going through major political and economic turmoil….

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“Crypto Exchanges Are Failing Innovation,” Says Bancor Co-founder

"Crypto Exchanges Are Failing Innovation," Says Bancor Co-founder 101
Galia Benartzi. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, ConsenSys

Decentralized liquidity network Bancor plans to integrate another blockchain into their network in Q2, said co-founder and head of business development Galia Benartzi, who believes that centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are playing a safe game when listing tokens and “really failing innovation.”

“I think what you can expect is something like a new blockchain per quarter at this rate. In the upcoming quarter, Q2, we will…

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Project B11G – Blockchain News, Opinion, TV and Jobs

Project B11G has partnered with blockchain firms Blockhive, Agrello, Oblicity and CoinMetro to launch a pilot real estate crowdfunding project on April 1st, using the blockchain for loan procurement. Company New Page OÜ is offering creditors an interest rate of 14% per year, in exchange for a loan, with interest and principal paid out in STASIS stable coins (EURS).

Real estate development firm Future Invest, which has over 25 years of experience in the field,  has launched a subsidiary…

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Video: Can Ravencoin Stay Airborne? – Crypto Briefing

Video: Can Ravencoin Stay Airborne?  Crypto Briefing

Ravencoin Price: Demand Is Outstripping RVN Supply

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Ravencoin (RVN) doesn’t feature much in crypto coverage. Since it launched last January, the asset tokenization platform has largely stayed on the sidelines. With such a low profile, few noticed Ravencoin becoming one of the best performing digital assets over the past month – although an amusing Redditor, SlappyMcFartsack has dubbed the phenomenon ‘The Flappening’.

The token has quadrupled in value since the beginning of March. Ravencoin started the month…

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Quadriga Co-Founder Michael Patryn Tried to Bury His Criminal Past: Report

Omar Dhanani, a co-founder of the Vancouver-based digital exchange Quadriga Fintech Solutions Corp., which recently claimed it lost access to $195 million of clients’ cash and cryptocurrencies, has a criminal past that he’s attempted to bury, Bloomberg News reports. Dhanani has legally changed his name twice, in 2003 and in 2008, and is now known as Michael Patryn. Patryn co-founded Quadriga five years ago with the late Gerry Cotten, whose sudden death in India in December at age 30 left the firm in shambles, with 115,000 clients wondering if they’ll ever get their money back. Patryn has been charged with numerous crimes over the years prior to Quadriga’s downfall, Bloomberg reports.

In 2005, he pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit credit- and bank-card fraud. And in 2007, he…

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A criminal past haunts surviving founder of troubled cryptocurrency exchange Quadriga

After serving time in the U.S. for his crimes, Omar Dhanani was deported to Canada, where he changed his name and reinvented himself as a Bitcoin entrepreneur

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His crimes: identity theft related to a bank-and-credit card scam. His sentence: 18 months in U.S. federal prison and, later, deportation to Canada.


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Once there, Omar…

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Harvest Bible Chapel’s Financial Accountability Accreditation Has Been Suspended

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) has formally suspended accreditation for the Chicago-area megachurch Harvest Bible Chapel.

In a statement, ECFA president Dan Busby explained, “During the indefinite suspension, the church may not represent that they are an ECFA member or display ECFA’s membership seal.”

He continued, “The investigation has been and will remain ongoing during the suspension as we work to determine whether Harvest Bible Chapel should be terminated, advised of the steps necessary to come into full compliance or whether they are in fact in compliance with our standards and should, therefore, be restored to full membership.”

The ECFA applies seven standards to ministries and organizations to give donors confidence that their money will be used appropriately. As they explain on their site “the basis for establishing ECFA and developing Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship is stated clearly by the Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 8:21 (NIV): ‘For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men.’”  The standards include things like proper financial oversight, overall transparency and “use of resources and compliance with laws.”

Ministries that receive accreditation from ECFA can put a seal on their online giving forms to show that they have received official accreditation.

The church recently fired its pk-callout pastor James MacDonald after bloggers and reporters alleged various kinds of misconduct, including bullying, inappropriate touching and the misuse of church funds.

Julie Roys, the reporter who led much of the investigations, alleges that “the church has repeatedly used money donated for one purpose to fulfill other purposes …According to past Harvest executives, MacDonald used church funds to pay for lavish personal expenses, including an African safari, Florida vacation, expensive cigars, and more. What’s perhaps most shocking…


Foxboro to start study aimed at plan to develop housing downtown | Local News

FOXBORO — Planning officials are gearing up for a year-long $50,000 study they hope will initiate a community-driven conversation around housing, establish a framework to guide future residential development and update targets for housing production.

Termed a “housing production plan” by state agencies, the effort seeks to build a vision for the town’s housing landscape with emphasis on development in the downtown area — which had been specifically identified and encouraged in Foxboro’s 2015 Master Plan.

Communities can use such plans to influence development and guide the type, amount and location of future housing by signaling to developers preferred options.

In addition to a series of public forums and community meetings, planners will conduct public opinion surveys to encourage input from both renters and homeowners, commercial property owners, private developers and community leaders.

Funding for the study came from $40,000 in planning grants and $10,000 in town funds approved last week by selectmen.

Goals identified in such studies are usually considered to remain effective for five years before a do-over is needed.

“I’m looking for it to be a very interactive project,” Town Planner Paige Duncan told selectmen when announcing the grants.

The prior housing plan, now outdated, was completed in 2012 – before Foxboro exceeded its target threshold of 10 percent “affordable” housing on a local subsidized housing inventory.

As a result, the town is no longer is required to accept proposals under the state’s Chapter 40B statute.

As of Dec. 1, 2017, 865 (12.6 percent) of the town’s 6,853 year-round housing units were affordable and listed on the subsidized housing index — and more have been added since.

“Many times HPPs are used for 40B compliance, but in…


What is the Bancor Network?

The name Bancor was inspired by economist John Maynard Keynes. Keynes had an idea in the 1940s of a unit of account that could be used to track the flows of assets and liabilities. The Bancor Network expands on this idea, allowing for the exchange of cryptocurrencies without the need for an exchange. You can convert your coins without the need for a buyer or a seller. Bancor can act as a reserve token for the rest of the tokens in the industry. In doing so, the Bancor Network hopes to ease…

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