Month: October 2019

RVN sets up Facebook support group

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Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption Nears Belgium, Finland Figures |

Bitcoin’s hashrate reached new record highs this week, leading one study to estimate its total energy consumption now matches some EU nations.

More Power Than Belgium?

According to the latest data from the University of Cambridge, the Bitcoin network uses around 79.79 terawatt hours (TWh) of power every year. 

The establishment has created a dedicated monitoring resource for Bitcoin, which it has dubbed the Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index (CBECI).

Based on statistics from 2016, Belgium uses 82.1 TWh, while Finland is just ahead with 82.8 TWh. The Philippines is the closest nation behind Bitcoin in terms of power usage, with 78.3 TWh.

Bitcoin’s energy consumption has increased throughout this year as its network hashrate continues to hit new all-time highs. As Bitcoinist reported on Thursday, that figure now stands at somewhere between 110 quintillion and 134 quintillion hashes per second. 

Hash rate is a measure of how much computing power is devoted to validating blocks of BTC transactions. The higher the reading, the more power involved. This in turn suggests the Bitcoin network is more secure, but with the benefits come the…


New blockchain initiatives land in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras

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Contxto – In light of blockchain’s increasing popularity and buzz-wordiness, the past few weeks have been rather exciting for the emerging sector.

Based on recent developments, it’s reassuring to see Central American countries enter the conversation. Lately, the region continues to gain blockchain traction with recent initiatives in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras. 

Cryptocurrency in Guatemala

Owned by Japanese company Remixpoint Inc., BITPoint Latam recently premiered in the Guatemalan market. Now with this cryptocurrency exchange, citizens have the ability to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, among other monetary units. 

With ambitious growth plans, the subsidiary started in Panama and Peru in 2018, later expanding to Ecuador and Argentina. Outside of Latin America, it is also active in Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, as well as South Korea. 

According to a member of BITPoint Latin America’s board of directors, cryptocurrency initiatives have massive market potential in the region. 

“Already 100 million people in Latin America can invest securely in Bitcoin and the world’s main crypto assets through BITPoint,” said Stefan Krautwald. “Our goal is that in the short term, anyone in the region can have crypto assets in their investment portfolio.” 

Cryptocurrency in Costa Rica

Beginning today, Costa Rica will also host the new Obsidiam cryptocurrency exchange platform. Preparing for a successful launch, the company ensures availability across Latin America, not to mention 15 days free of commission. 

Motivated to be reliable, modern, secure and transparent, Obsidiam will provide blockchain-powered transactions without the use of intermediaries, like banks. Through the tool, users will be able to maintain virtual ledgers of every digital asset. 

For added incentive, the platform will also award new subscribers with up to US$1,500 worth of prizes throughout October….


RVN launches firework sales ban campaign – vet times

RVN launches firework sales ban campaign  vet times

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Ravencoin Price Analysis RVN / USD: Flight Fatigue

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  • Ravencoin is currently bullish over the short-term and bearish over the medium-term
  • The four-hour time shows that a bullish ascending triangle pattern has now formed
  • The RVN / USD pair has been rejected from the neckline of a head and shoulders on the daily time frame

Ravencoin has undergone a bearish reversal after rallying to its highest trading level since late August. The RVN / USD pair has given back around ten percent of its trading value as the broader cryptocurrency market comes under pressure.

The RVN / USD pair has been one of the top performing digital assets inside the top 50 this month, with the cryptocurrency adding close to thirty-five percent to it value from its monthly price open to its monthly price peak.

The recent reversal in the RVN / USD pair happened at a critical technical area, as the cryptocurrency tested towards the neckline of a large head and shoulders pattern on the daily time frame.

The bearish pattern was triggered last month, leading to a sharp decline towards the $0.240000 level. The neckline of the head and shoulders pattern is currently located around the $0.370000 level.

Looking at the lower time frames, the…


Binance U.S. to List Chianlink (LINK) and Ravencoin (RVN) Amidst Their Sudden Surge

Binance US platform plans to extend its crypto listing by including both Chainlink (LINK) and Ravencoin (RVN) tokens which are currently gaining a lot of popularity in the market.

Last month on September 23, crypto exchange Binance launched its U.S.-based subsidiary Binance US with the top seven cryptocurrencies available for trading upon launch. The Binance US platform is specifically tailor-made for Americans that functions under regulatory norms and rules.

The Binance US platform adopts…

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RVN sets up support programme – vet times

RVN sets up support programme  vet times

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Data and Storage News from around South East Asia

NetApp, the data authority for hybrid cloud, has been named a Leader in the Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage based on its ability to execute and completeness of vision. The report positioned NetApp highest for ability to execute.
“We believe the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage further demonstrates recognition that our solutions deliver data-driven business outcomes across core, edge and cloud,” commented Sanjay Rohatgi, senior vice president and general…

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Ravencoin Price Prediction 2021 – Silent Death Happening?

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Ravencoin Price Prediction 2021 – Silent Death Happening?

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