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Cryptocurrencies: Why Nigeria is a global leader in Bitcoin trade – BBC News

Cryptocurrencies: Why Nigeria is a global leader in Bitcoin trade  BBC News

Tribune T Magazine

February 28, 2021


With the novel coronavirus pandemic encouraging cash averse economies, cryptocurrencies have gained significant traction. Long seen with some scepticism on account of their mysterious technological nature, this has been especially true over the past few weeks as a handful of big-ticket firms pledged their support for using digital currencies as a payment mechanism.

The pace of global digitalisation accelerated last week in particular after renowned…

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BNB, RVN, VGX, XVS, & NPXS – February’s Biggest Gainers

Despite the correction that has been ongoing since Feb. 21, the month of February has been generally bullish for the cryptocurrency industry, with a number of coins reaching new all-time highs.

From the very well-known BNB to much smaller projects, February has been a thrill. This article will take a look at the five coins that increased the most in the month. 

Those are:

  1. Ravencoin (RVN) – 651%
  2. Voyager Token (VGX) – 476%
  3. Venus (XVS) – 465%
  4. Binance Coin (BNB)…

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Hogeg bringing Bitcoin to Tel Aviv Stock Exchange via shelf company

Israeli entrepreneur Moshe Hogeg is set to acquire Tel Aviv Stock Exchange shelf company KMN Capital with the plan of incorporating into it his activities in the cryptocurrency sector. Hogeg, the owner of private VC fund Singulariteam and Israeli soccer club Beitar Jerusalem, intends to invest NIS 20 million (approximately $6 million) in the shelf company in return for 72% of its shares.


Hogeg is considered to be one of Israel’s leading investors in the blockchain and cryptocurrency…

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Ethereum Rival Cardano Is Braced For A Big Week Amid Massive Price Rally

Cardano, now the third-biggest cryptocurrency after bitcoin and ethereum, has soared in recent weeks—outpacing even bitcoin’s massive rally.

The cardano price has surged a blistering 2,000% over the last 12 months, adding 300% in the last month alone.

Now, as the cardano network bobs around a total value of $40 billion, developers are gearing up for the launch of a major update on Monday—designed to make it into a multi-asset network similar to ethereum.


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Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple’s XRP – Daily Tech Analysis – March 1st, 2021


Ethereum fell by 2.63% on Sunday. Reversing a 1.07% gain from Saturday, Ethereum ended the week down by 26.54% to $1,422.02.

A mixed start to the day saw Ethereum rise to an early morning high $1,469.96 before hitting reverse.

Falling well short of the first major resistance level at $1,518, Ethereum fell to a mid-afternoon intraday low $1,292.76.

The extended sell-off saw Ethereum fall through the first major support level at $1,411 and the second major support level at $1,256.


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Why Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin are Banned in Some Countries?


oi-Sneha Kulkarni


A cryptocurrency is a digital currency based on blockchain technology that uses cryptography as a means of security. Possibly, Satoshi Nakamoto is a brilliant person or a pseudonymous name for a team of geniuses that created the first bitcoin in 2008.

Cryptocurrency is simply a medium of exchange….

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How Bitcoin's vast energy use could burst its bubble – BBC News

How Bitcoin’s vast energy use could burst its bubble  BBC News

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Bitcoin energy use ‘bigger than most countries’

In this file photo taken on June 17, 2014, in Washington, DC shows bitcoin medals. — AFP Photo

A University of Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance study has recently found that Bitcoin’s total energy consumption is somewhere between 40 and 445…

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E-bikes that look like motorcycles take another hit in B.C. Court of Appeal decision

The British Columbia Court of Appeal has upheld a B.C. Supreme Court ruling that e-bikes designed to look and function more like mopeds or scooters do not meet the province’s definition of a motor-assisted cycle and therefore require a driver’s licence, registration and insurance.

The case was brought forward by Ali Ghadban, who was issued a ticket in Surrey, B.C., in 2018 for riding his Motorino XMr without a driver’s licence and insurance. He said he wasn’t able to obtain them from…

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