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UNDERCOVERACTIE leidt tot ARRESTATIE! Bendes ronselen geldezels op Instagram om crypto wit te wassen

Snel geld verdienen. Makkelijk cashen. Vierduizend euro in zeven dagen. Wie wil dat nu niet? Dat denken ronselaars van geldezels ook en daarom adverteren …

Dogecoin Foundation Working Hard! | Athletes Love Dogecoin! | Dogecoin Whale Watch!

Dogecoin Foundation Working Hard! | Athletes Love Dogecoin! | Dogecoin Whale Watch! The Dogecoin foundation is working hard to protect the name and …


O que é Solana (SOL)? Solana é um projeto de código aberto altamente funcional que se baseia na natureza sem permissão da tecnologia blockchain para …

European Central Bank VP says crypto should be regulated like other assets

European Central Bank (ECB) Vice President Luis De Guindos wants rules for traditional financial assets to apply to cryptocurrencies.

In a summer course presentation offered by the European Parliament, De Guindos said that while cryptocurrencies should not be prohibited, issuers must follow the same conditions as other financial assets.

He added that cryptocurrency users should also avoid everything that has to do with terrorist financing and money laundering.

De Guindos noted that due to their pseudonymous traits, cryptocurrencies can be easily used unlawfully.

The EBC official De Guindos calls cryptocurrencies “crypto-assets” because, in his view, they don’t validly satisfy payments. He added that crypto-assets don’t impact the financial stability of the region.

De Guindos also noted that these new tools have no economic basis compared to other more traditional assets and their value only comes from scarcity.

The ECB is studying the feasibility of creating a digital euro to give it an instrument to fight the rise of private alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrencies and those issued by fintech companies.

De Guindos believes that the digital euro’s creation is necessary as it is not trivial in terms of the potential implications for monetary policy and financial stability.



Today I want to talk about why Ethereum and other altcoins like Solana, Polkadot and Cosmos are exploding. Today’s Sponsor: …

Solana nové ATH

Solana 6RndD1yF53bwa6HSCiXjcUzL5KypdgiUofoq4vFENJ4r ETH 0x87eDABBc98E3D5AF9383185a309a3aE71F059613 Patreon …

Tunisians fret at president’s silence on future

By Tarek Amara and Angus McDowall

TUNIS – Five weeks after their president seized governing powers and a week after he indefinitely prolonged emergency measures, Tunisians are increasingly puzzled at his silence on the biggest crisis of their democratic era.

Though President Kais Saied has spoken regularly on issues ranging from potato prices to corruption in videos of meetings that his office posts online, he has yet to name a new prime minister or say how he plans to rule.

“We have great confidence in the president,” said Samira Salmi, a clothes vendor in Tunis, before adding: “But frankly his programme has been delayed a lot…We want quick answers.”

Saied’s next steps will determine whether his intervention, called a coup by critics but widely supported by a populace weary of paralysis and economic decline, will ultimately be regarded as a democratic reset or a gateway back to autocracy.

Both ordinary Tunisians and the political class widely expect him to change the constitution to give the presidency more powers after he suspended parliament.

The existing constitution, agreed in 2014 as a messy compromise at a tense moment of polarisation after the 2011 revolution that introduced democracy, has long been unpopular. Most candidates in the 2019 election, including Saied, said they wanted to amend it.

However, Saied has given no public statement about what any new constitution would look like, whether he will dissolve the now suspended parliament or how long he expects the emergency period to last.

He has dismissed calls for a “roadmap” from the powerful UGTT labour union and major foreign lenders by suggesting they look in geography books, and last week he said the government “will be appointed soon, but the state continues”.

The UGTT has a million members and the power to shut down the economy through stirkes.


While political parties, ordinary Tunisians, the union and Western allies have voiced concern at his…


Solana Kurs Explosion – Die Hintergründe, Fantom & der Blockchain Hype

WICHTIGE LINKS (Werbung) ▭▭▭ Solana, Bitcoin & Co. kaufen: ▻ NURI Sparplan und Erfahrungsbericht …

LES CRYPTOS PÉPITES ! 🤑 Analyse du top 10 crypto-monnaies : Bitcoin, Ethereum, EGLD, Cardano, NEAR 📈

J’analyse votre top 10 crypto-monnaies : Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), VeChain (VET), Cardano (ADA), XRP, Solana (SOL), MATIC, Binance coin (BNB), …

Cuba set to accept, regulate cryptocurrencies

The Cuban government is in the process of accepting and regulating cryptocurrencies for payments.

Aljazeera reported that the nation’s central bank was in the process of establishing rules to normalise cryptocurrency transactions.

According to the report, relevant government authorities are also expected to distribute licences to businesses, based on the crypto-related services they render.

It said the move to allow cryptocurrency as legal tender in the nation had been well received by the populace as the county had to temporarily stop accepting cash bank deposits in United States dollars due to strict restrictions imposed by former US President Donald Trump.

Cuba is following in the footsteps of El Salvador in a bid to reduce remittance costs and improve remittances across Central America, according to the Central American Bank of Economic Integration.

With BTC’s growing popularity, 81 countries are exploring the prospect of central bank digital currencies, according to a new tracker.

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