A Fully Decentralized, Customizable Virtual World on Cardano

Blockchain gaming has become quite popular recently, and these games are gradually transforming the entire gaming industry.

Nowadays, gamers benefit from blockchain concepts such as non-fungible tokens, play-to-earn, and the metaverse. These features are making games not only a source of entertainment but also a passive income stream.

As blockchain games and the idea of metaverse continue to explode, developers are constantly working on improving the utilities of these metaverse games while introducing more earning opportunities for players. Cardalonia is one such game built on the Cardano network.

What is Cardalonia

Cardalonia is a 3D virtual reality metaverse on the Cardano blockchain. The Cardalonia metaverse is an engaging and fun virtual world where users can acquire 3D NFT avatars, land, socialize, play, trade, and participate in events to earn…

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