“A rare 1989 Ferrari 640 for $3.6 million”- Nigel Mansell’s Ferrari got sold in Cryptocurrency by 278-year-old auction house

Former World Champion Nigel Mansell’s 1989 reliability stuck Ferrari 640 was sold using Himalaya Dollars cryptocurrency 

Nigel Mansell drove the Ferrari 640 for the 1989 Formula 1 season. The iconic Ferrari car had been in his personal car collection since 1989.

The 1989 season is one of the most iconic seasons in F1 history. McLaren’s Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost collided with one another on the first lap in Japan to decide the driver’s champion.

Alain Prost would finally win the world championship after Senna was disqualified after the race for not rejoining the track correctly.

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Nigel Mansell’s history with unreliability in 1989

Nigel Mansell finished fourth in the world championship driving his Ferrari 640 finishing behind Riccardo Patrese’s Williams.

The Italian car had Tipo 035/5, a 3.5-liter, V12 engine producing 660 bhp (492 kW; 669 PS). It was revolutionary as it was Formula One’s first true sequential-style paddle-shift gearbox.

However, the car had reliability issues despite never finishing below third whenever it raced. Moreover, Mansell retired in seven of the sixteen races and was disqualified in two of them.

The Lion won the first race in Brazil. Secondly, he celebrated a few podium places in France and England, and he won the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Nigel Mansell’s Ferrari sold for $3.7 Million

The RM Sotheby’s class car auctioneers sold the car for a whopping  $3.7 Million in Himalaya Dollar cryptocurrency. They also believe that it was the first time a Works driver has offered his own Ferrari for an auction.

Additionally, it turned out to…

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