Annual Report SWI 2021

Dear readers – friends of SWI, the Swiss abroad, and people interested in Switzerland,

This content was published on May 13, 2022 – 09:00

For decades now, SWI has been reporting the news as a digital platform of Switzerland’s public broadcaster, placing Swiss current affairs and decisions in an international context. 

We do this for everyone abroad who is interested in the role Switzerland plays in the world. Journalistically independent and unique and featuring multiple viewpoints, SWI offers background and expertise on current global debates.

We have chosen to look back on the year 2021 through the lens of eight topics that struck a chord with our users and sparked conversations. We believe that these themes will continue to engage our attention in the next 12 months. We’ll come back to them in the second part of this report.

But first, we want to look at another important issue that SWI took on in 2021: initiatives against disinformation and “fake news” that necessitate close cooperation between journalists at an international level. SWI strengthened its partnership with other public broadcasters in Europe over the course of the year.

Part 1: Strengthened partnerships with European public media

As an international public service organisation, the European Broadcasting UnionExternal link in Geneva is a vital partner for SWI In 2021 we were able to intensify cooperation with other public broadcasters on the continent thanks to a new EBU project, A European Perspective. By using a common technical system featuring automated translation, we’ve gained access to stories and videos from our European partners and can share our own content with them. This exchange allows us to reach more people and offer them perspectives from Switzerland. Such cooperation and mutual distribution of content have helped to increase SWI’s reach and visibility in Europe….


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