Bitcoin critics say BTC price is going to $0 this time, but these 3 signals suggest otherwise

Like clockwork, the onset of a crypto bear market has brought out the “Bitcoin is dead” crowd who gleefully proclaim the end of the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

The past few months have indeed been painful for investors, and the price of Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen to a new 2022 low at $20,100, but the latest calls for the asset’s demise are likely to suffer the same fate as the previous 452 predictions calling for its death.

Bitcoin obituary count. Source: 99Bitcoins

Resolute Bitcoiners have a bag full of tricks and on-chain metrics they use to determine when BTC is in a buy zone, and now is the time to take a closer look at them. Let’s see what time-tested metrics say about Bitcoin’s current price action and whether the 2021 bull market was BTC’s last hurrah. 

Some traders always buy bounces of the 200-week moving average



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