Budweiser Releases Dwyane Wade NFT to Promote Budweiser Zero, Its Non-Alc Beer

Anheuser-Busch announced their newest promotional experiment by launching a series of Dwyane Wade NFTs to promote Budweiser Zero, the beverage company’s non-alcoholic beer. The limited-edition release features the former basketball star’s image on virtual tokens and specially designed cans which buyers can use to receive certain rewards, including a virtual tour of a Wade jersey or a signed beer can. For some, the reward will travel outside of the metaverse with an in-person meeting with Wade himself.

Wade praised the project in a recent interview with Boardroom, stating that he loves this project because one of the quotes on the can is something he came up with himself and lives by every day.“My belief is stronger than your doubt.” To Wade, it’s “dope” that we can have a can that gives us this encouragement.

The beer giant has long since been ahead of the curve in utilizing NFTs for advertising purposes, going so far as to file for a trademark over the term “Budverse,” signaling permanent plans to bring the beverage into the metaverse. The Dwyane Wade release is the newest attempt at branded NFTs by the company. Previous releases include the

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