Calvin Ayre: The BSV Global Blockchain Convention is like Woodstock for those in the industry

The upcoming BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai from May 24 to 26 will be an important event for anyone with a “sense of history,” says Calvin Ayre, founder of Ayre Ventures and CoinGeek. 

“It’s like Woodstock coming to these conferences, that’s how influential this technology is going to be and it’s going to change so many things,” says Calvin. 

While attendees of the Convention might be dressed in suits rather than flares and sunglasses, the comparison to the iconic, late 60s counterculture festival, will resonate for those in the Bitcoin SV space who understand how revolutionary the technology could be.

Calvin is particularly excited about links between Bitcoin SV companies and big consultancy firms like IBM Consulting, which has recently been developing Sentinel Node in association with CertiHash. 

“I hope we educate these big consulting companies so that they understand what this technology can do so they in fact become evangelists for us when they are brought in to solve technical problems in big data,” he said. 

Another organisation that Calvin is pleased to see teaming up with the Bitcoin SV community is the Institute of Electrical and…


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