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XDC Network, ECOMI Among Top Crypto Movers In 24H

Pulled from Benzinga Pro here’s the list of the top crypto gainers and losers at the time of publication:


  • Near (CRYPTO: NEAR) is up 21.34% at $11.61. Near’s current trading volume totals $504.35 million, a 113.37% increase from its 100-day average volume. As of today, $NEAR’s estimated market cap is $6,056,827,902.
    Circulating Supply: 526,072,613.44
    Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Spell Token (CRYPTO: SPELL) rose 17.99% to $0.03 over the past 24 hours. The trading volume for this coin is currently $79.91 million, which is 330.46% higher than its average full-day volume over the last 100 days. $SPELL’s estimated market cap is $1,880,404,313 as of today.
    Circulating Supply: 71,188,199,351.74
    Max Supply: 210,000,000,000
  • The Graph (CRYPTO: GRT) increased by 17.57% to $1.06. The Graph’s current trading volume totals $583.04 million, a 213.33% increase from its 100-day average volume. The coin’s market cap stands at 5,268,163,216.
    Circulating Supply: 4,956,845,231
    Max Supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Curve DAO Token (CRYPTO: CRV) rose 15.94% to $4.2 over the past 24 hours. The trading volume for this coin is currently $826.89 million, which is…


Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) Price Prediction For 2021 2022 2023 2024 & 2025 Trading Analysis

This cryptocurrency was formed in 2017 as a result of a Bitcoin fork. Bitcoin cash has increased the block size dramatically, allowing for more transactions to be completed while also improving security.

In November 2018, the cryptocurrency underwent another fork, resulting in Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV (Satoshi Vision). Because it employs the original Bitcoin cash client, this is referred to as the Bitcoin cash.Bitcoin promises several advantages over its predecessors. It still has to keep some promises. The most crucial one has to do with block size. The average block size mined on Bitcoin cash is substantially less than on Bitcoin.

Team Behind Bitcoin Cash

Craig Wright, who claims to be the original Nakamoto, is the leader of Bitcoin Cash SV. On a site intended for payment transactions, he rejected several of the smart contracts.



Do Traders Think B2Gold Corp. (BTG) Can Keep Climbing Monday?

The market has been high on B2Gold Corp. (BTG) stock recently. BTG gets a Bullish score from InvestorsObserver Stock Sentiment Indicator.

B2Gold Corp. has a Bullish sentiment reading. Find out what this means for you and get the rest of the rankings on BTG!


Ethereum may be on its way up

The price of Ethereum fluctuated throughout the week, but it rose 6.11% over that same period ending on October 24th. The coin is hovering around $4100 Monday morning after hitting a 5-month high above $4220 last week.

The sudden increase in cryptocurrency prices following the debut of a Bitcoin ETF on Wall Street has caused both bitcoin and Ethereum to rise significantly.

Coin prices have skyrocketed as coins are more popular than ever before with this innovative financial instrument. Experts say that Ethereum and bitcoin should be your top choices for investing capital into crypto markets moving forward.

The cryptocurrency has followed the trend of other volatile assets, including Bitcoin. ETC Price hit its all-time high last week at $4,379 per coin on May 16th, according to Coindesk.

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Ethereum Price Analysis

Ethereum has been waving a bright yellow flag for quite a while now. It took the first significant resistance level at around $4,086.

It then broke through it with much enthusiasm to find itself back within sight of green just below that same mark before quickly shedding those gains once more as we entered into another weekend-long downtrend which saw prices fall all the way down under four grand.

Ethereum managed to break back through the first significant resistance level on Saturday, just three days after being met. The 7% jump in prices was highlighted by Wednesday’s impressive rise of 4%. This week will be spent calming down before our next move up begins again.

The current price of Ethereum is still climbing, and it will need to avoid the $4,045 pivot level for its momentum if prices are going higher than previous levels.

A break of this crucial support point could lead Ethereum into testing previous resistance at $4,413, which additional barriers would follow up until May’s all-time high of $4,4383.

ETHUSD Analysis (Trading View)

According to Yahoo Finance,

“In the event of another extended breakout, Ethereum could test resistance at $5,000 levels before any pullback. The second major resistance level sits at $4,743”.

“A fall through the $4,045 pivot would bring the first major support level at $3,714 into…


Billionaire Investor Paul Tudor Jones Says Bitcoin Is a Better Hedge Against Inflation Than Gold

Billionaire investor and philanthropist Paul Tudor Jones, who’s been a vocal Bitcoin backer in the past has stated that the popular crypto-asset is his preferred inflation hedge over gold. The founder of hedge fund Tudor Investment Corp. mentioned at an interview that Bitcoin is currently “winning the race against gold.” Jones referred to inflation as “the number one issue facing investors” and in connection said that there was clearly a place for crypto in investor portfolios. Jones also said went on to mention that he has a single-digit percentage allocation of cryptocurrencies in his personal portfolio.

“I do think we’re moving into an increasingly digitised world. Clearly, there’s a place for crypto, and clearly, it’s winning the race against gold at the moment. So yes, I would think that would also be a very good inflation hedge. It would be my preferred one over gold at the moment,” Tudor said in an interview with CNBC.

Back in May, in another interview, Jones had said that Bitcoin was his favourite inflation hedge, in light of the pandemic. His recent comments confirm that he stands by what he’d said earlier in the year. The investor also went on to say that China’s…


Monero Toggles Both Sides, Hard to Predict Strong Buying!

Heightened Anonymity and Privacy made Monero blockchain’s XMR cryptocurrency a real threat for the Bitcoin ecosystem as transactions could be traced to original users in the Monero ecosystem.

Historically, it has been witnessed that Monero rallies only while Bitcoin consolidates and takes a dip. As such, the retracement of Bitcoin from $66,500 to $63,000 has worked in favor of XMR enthusiasts.

Monero Price Analysis

Price action being stagnant has killed the hopes of new investors. Still, consistent trading volumes and surpassing the 200 DMA resistance with a strong buying candle indicate a possible bearish reversal to happen soon.

Monero Price Analysis

XMR heading above the 200 DMA level could indicate some positive stance, but the same should be reflected in the price action. Transaction volumes have mostly remained similar since the last few months, while RSI can be seen climbing to fresh levels. 

$245 is seen to emerge as a strong support level, while $318 has become an absolute resistance level for this price movement. Breaching the $318 – $320 level would indicate a possibility of reaching fresh highs. Watch out for a breakout near the $320 levels for some trending action.


BlockFi, Neuberger Berman join forces for crypto fund as Bitcoin ETFs boom

Cryptocurrency lending company BlockFi is partnering with investment manager Neuberger Berman to launch a series of crypto investment products, like exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which are taking the digital currency market by storm.

Only weeks ago, BlockFi filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission to list its “BlockFi Bitcoin Strategy ETF,” which kicks off a 75-day regulatory approval process. As proposed, the fund will hold Bitcoin (BTC-USD) futures contracts, similar to ETFs listed last week by ProShares and digital asset manager Valkyrie.

In preparation for a targeted release of mid-to-late December, BlockFi and New York City-based Neuberger have formed a separate corporate entity, BlockFi nb LLC. 

The joint venture will hold BlockFi’s ETF, in addition to other products, with the anticipation that there is more demand to reap from a growing wave of institutions looking to plow their assets into crypto products suited for U.S. capital markets. 

“Currently in the markets we are witnessing a huge shift in investor sentiment towards digital assets, along with demand to partner with trusted firms with demonstrated crypto expertise and institutional rigor and…


Will Binance Coin enter supply shock, akin to Ethereum post EIP-1559

It has been quite a week for the collective crypto market, with Bitcoin making a new all-time high. However, some altcoins seemed to be in a rather dormant position, and one of them was Binance Coin.

For the past couple of days, BNB more or less consolidated, and failed to make any new moves on the charts. Nonetheless, the asset was up by 1% over the last week and somehow managed to retain its third spot in the market. 

Now, with BSC’s announcement of the new Binance Evolution Protocol (BEP-95) which will accelerate the burn rate of BNB tokens and make the Binance Smart Chain more decentralized, can the same trigger a BNB rally?

Following Ethereum’s lead

The BEP-95 recommended burning 10% of the transaction fees in an ongoing manner. The implementation of BEP-95 could decrease the cumulative amount of BNB tokens that delegators and validators earn from staking, while simultaneously increasing the fiat-denominated value of the rewards.

The proposal will be validated once it receives a minimum deposit of 2000 BNB. As per the announcement, the burning mechanism would further reduce the BNB supply, as, increasing demand would drive BNB’s value higher thereby creating a kind of supply shock.

Interestingly, the protocol would introduce a burning fee mechanism that looks quite similar to Ethereum’s burning policy. In fact, many in the market have high hopes for BNB’s price and expect gains like Ethereum saw post EIP-1559. 

Notably, Ethereum soared close to 30% in the two weeks after EIP-1559. The difference between ETH and BNB, however, is that, unlike Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain already has a burn mechanism in place. BNB’s 17th Quarterly burn was supposed to take place during the end of Q3 2021, but due to unknown reasons, it hasn’t taken place yet.

Till date, Binance burned a total of 1,335,888 tokens and intends to burn 50% of the total supply of BNB over time.

Are things looking good for BNB ahead?

As BNB’s price consolidated, the alt was trading around $$475.6 at the time of writing, but Binance Smart Chain’s (BSC) growth seemed to be intact. This week, BSC hit 100,000,000 addresses on the network. The daily transactions of BSC were still in a growing trend, with the daily active address currently, at 8.8 million transactions/day. In fact, the chain’s Total Value Locked increased to around $830 million (3.55%). 

Source: Coin98 Analytics

However, despite the recent BEP announcement, BNB’s price showed no signs of gains. In…


Only a Handful of Ethereum Whales Own the Majority of NFTs: Report

New research revealed that the majority of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are owned by whales — big investors that have tied up most available options — accounting for over 80 percent of the market. Individual investors pooled together accounted for less than 20 percent of the total NFT market on Ethereum, between April 1 and September 25, 2021, according to research by blockchain analytics platform Moonstream.

NFTs are virtual collectibles which make use of blockchain technology to identify the ownership of virtual assets, which could be music, videos, images, or any other digital files such as in-game equipment or characters. And over the course of this year, NFTs have been one of the hottest assets in the crypto space, ever since one collection was auctioned for $69 million, or over Rs. 500 crore. But it’s perhaps no surprise that most of the holdings are concentrated among the big investors.

Blockchain analytics platform Moonstream said that their scan of 1,145,767 blocks yielded transfer activity for 7,020,950 tokens from 9,292 Ethereum NFT contracts across 727,102 addresses. As highlighted by the report, these NFT mints and transfers play a key role in forming the core of the Ethereum dataset.

“Many of those owners are marketplaces and clearinghouses like OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and other platforms of the same ilk,” the report said listing some NFT whales on Ethereum.

While the current distribution pattern of the NFTs on the Ethereum network shows an inclination towards whale wallets, the report has noted that small NFT investors are also around, participating in the growth of this space.

“What this data shows us is that the Ethereum NFT market is open in the sense the vast majority of its participants are small-time purchasers who likely make their purchases manually,” the report highlighted.

Currently, 83.29 percent Ethereum enthusiasts own the remaining 19.02 percent of the NFTs available on the blockchain.

With the likes of several celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, and Snoop Dogg among others, the NFT space is prospering in several parts of the world.

NFT sales volume surged to $10.7 billion (roughly Rs. 79,820 crore) in the third quarter of 2021, according to data from market tracker DappRadar. This figure is eight times more than what it was in the previous quarter.

Surging sales and hefty prices of NFTs — items that do not physically exist — have baffled many, but the multi-fold growth is showing no depreciation…


IOTA enters Web3 race against Ethereum and Cardano with zero-fee smart contracts

  • IOTA recently launched its smart contract beta that makes Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens interoperable with its network.
  • IOTA’s smart contracts offer an alternative to Ethereum and Cardano focused on making blockchain applications mainstream.
  • DeFi, Web3, NFT applications on IOTA are focused on the internet of things and machine-to-machine communications.
  • While Ethereum is yet to introduce sharding, IOTA has the capacity to process transactions in parallel with blocks, chains or miners.

IOTA Foundation has launched feeless, programmable and scalable smart contracts. Developers can develop smart contracts on the IOTA blockchain and deploy them on the Ethereum blockchain. 

IOTA launched its smart contract beta, includes support for Ethereum virtual machine

IOTA announced the launch of its smart-contract beta, compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. IOTA users…


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