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Bitcoin And The Soul-Seeking Of Humanity

Dr. Riste Simnjanovski is a tenured professor of public administration at California Baptist University. Most recently, his published research explores digital assets in the public and private sectors.

Part One: Introduction To The Soul

An immaterial essence, your authentic self or the spiritual aspect that gives life to the body — this is how many understand the soul. In recent decades, society gave the impression that the “true self” or “the spirit” was fading. From my perspective, humanity appears to have lost its grasp on the significance of life.


Bitcoin (BTC) Drops As Crypto Sentiment Hits ‘Rock Bottom’

Bitcoin and Ethereum lost ground at press time on Monday evening, as both coins failed to breach their key levels amid diminishing returns, with the global cryptocurrency market cap falling 3% to $1.25 trillion.

Price Performance Of Major Coins
Bitcoin BTC/USD-3.7%-2.4%$29,169.44
Ethereum ETH/USD-3.2%-2.5%$1,977.84
Dogecoin DOGE/USD-3%5.5%$0.08

Top 24-Hour Gainers (Data via CoinMarketCap)
Cryptocurrency24-Hour % Change (+/-)Price
Bitcoin Gold (BTG)+25%$24.37
TerraUSD (UST)+11.8%$0.0715
Stacks (STX)+9.4%​​$0.61

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What Happened: While U.S. stocks rallied on Monday, the momentum fizzled out after the…


Funds Lost Billions in the Terra Collapse. Here are the Ongoing Effects; Bitcoin Sees Red

By early afternoon, bitcoin had fallen almost 4% over the past 24 hours to the low end of the $29,000-$30,000 range it has occupied for the nearly two weeks since the UST stablecoin and LUNA token that supports it imploded. The largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has dropped 26% from its high this month near $40,000 and roughly 55% since reaching its record peak last November. Ether, the second largest crypto by market cap, was down approximately 3.5% over the same period and changing hands a little below $2,000.


Gensler: Bitcoin may be a commodity – Protocol

Gensler: Bitcoin may be a commodity  Protocol


Brandon Bryant talks why HandCash is going to be the Nintendo Wii of Bitcoin wallets

Brandon Bryant knew from back in his college days that he wanted to get into the world of digital currencies. This was way before the industry exploded in 2017, and back then, not many knew of Bitcoin. His love for Bitcoin remains just as strong after all these years, and in a recent podcast appearance, he discussed why he chose BSV, his journey as a Bitcoin developer, and how he’s building for the future at HandCash.

After leaving school, he shopped around for a big corporate job where he could explore his love for Bitcoin more, but these big companies ‘had no vision for it.’ This was back before Bitcoin became ‘cool’ and global giants started piling in.

Bryant ended up getting a job at a local startup known as Anypay, which “did crypto payments in real life, and it was the coolest thing ever.”

“We onboarded all of my hometown and I basically lived my days walking around paying in crypto,” the backend engineer at BSV wallet HandCash recalled in an appearance on the High Altitude Investing podcast.

At Anypay, Bryant handled many digital currencies, from BSV and BTC to Ether and Dogecoin.

“So I got a lot of experience working with each chain, and I fell in…


What Davos Man Thinks of Bitcoin and Crypto This Year – CoinDesk

What Davos Man Thinks of Bitcoin and Crypto This Year  CoinDesk


Bitcoin Pizza Day Sees Crypto Payments Gain Traction

Sunday was Bitcoin Pizza Day, the annual crypto industry holiday celebrating the first known use of bitcoin as a payments currency.

And while it’s usually celebrated largely trying to find a pizzeria that will take crypto payments and reminding the buyer just how rich he’d be if he hadn’t traded 10,000 bitcoins for two large pies in 2010, this year was decidedly different.

For one thing, it’s a whole lot easier to do on the 12th anniversary. Really, it started getting easier last year — Visa that summer said that more than $1 billion had been spent on crypto cards from industry firms like Coinbase and BlockFi.

But with debit cards from Visa and Mastercard that spend in crypto but pay in fiat growing more common, it seems likely that by next year, Bitcoin Pizza Day won’t involve much of a scavenger hunt at all.

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Simply put, 2022 is the year that paying by bitcoin — and other cryptocurrencies — started gaining some mainstream traction. An April study by PYMNTS and BitPay found that 23% of U.S. consumers — nearly 60 million — had owned crypto in the past 12…


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Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies Aren’t Dead Just Yet

People have forgotten what unregulated markets are like. We’ve had 90 years of the SEC and reasonably regulated, well-behaved stock markets. And it turned out really well. People can trade in some sort of confidence that there are rules and so on. And people talk about crypto and Bitcoin and so forth as if this is a well-behaved, high-volume market where someone checking that nobody is just lying about everything. And none of that’s the case.

A pile of crypto is not a pile of capital that you can develop or invest or whatever. It’s just some stuff you can buy, sell, or hold. And early investors can only pay with money from later investors. There is no way “we’re all gonna make it” because it’s a game of winners and losers and the winners are the big guys, and the losers are the moms and dads and grandmothers and the young people who are desperate in their economic situation and looking for “one weird trick” they can have to win.

This is all assuming there is no real-world use case for crypto stuff.

I won’t say that philosophically it’s impossible, but I will say that it hasn’t shown any sign of it in the 11 years that you’ve been able to exchange bitcoins for actual…


Joshua Henslee reveals how HandCash teases USDC integration

BSV thought leader Joshua Henslee recently released a video discussing how the leading BSV wallet HandCash teased a USDC integration and what that might mean for the ecosystem.

What would USDC/HandCash integration look like, and how would it change things?

Henslee emphasized upfront that he doesn’t have any confirmed information that HandCash is integrating USDC. They said they would announce something at the BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai, but whether it really is USDC integration, it’s still up in the air.

How would such an integration look? According to Henslee’s best guess, HandCash would enable users to top up with tokenized USDC running on BSV. He believes this would be excellent because USDC is a sound stablecoin, but its main problem is that it runs on blockchains that don’t scale. If HandCash does tokenize USDC, it will make the stablecoin work better, and users will be able to send tiny amounts of USDC on the BSV blockchain. 

“These fees are going to be minuscule, and USDC is going to actually work,” Henslee tells us.

Extra liquidity, instant swaps, and possible yield

Henslee hopes that this would provide some much-needed liquidity to…