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Ravencoin Price Analysis: RVN Crypto Price Consolidates In Between The Moving Average

  • RVN coin price is currently observing a consolidated trend but can soon revert to the uptrend in the future. It has seen a gain of more than 1% in the intraday session.
  • Ravencoin might soon observe a strong upside momentum.Meanwhile,RVN/BTC pair has seen a loss of more than 4% in the intraday session

RVN crypto price is currently seeing a strong consolidated momentum but can soon revert to the upturned in the future. Raven Coin’s price is currently up by more than 1.8% and is currently trading near the value of $0.109. The asset has a very high ROI which has benefitted the investors in past and can do the same in the future. RVN has to cover more than 61% of its current value to reach an all-time high. The asset could soon observe a strong bull trend in price in the future. One can invest in Ravencoin as per their needs and risk adversity.

Raven Coin market dominance along with CMC ranking has seen a halt from the recovery but can soon push it to a new high. The volume of the coin can also observe a strong bullish trend in the future. The volume to market cap ratio of the coin hints towards a bearish momentum for the future. One can…


RVN vs BGS Live Score Dream11 Prediction Lineup Basketball Champion League Rytas Vilnius vs Hereda San Pablo Burgos

There is one more match on the list under the ongoing Basketball Champions League. So, the league is already going on very well in which Rytas Vilnius (RVN) and Hereda San Pablo Burgos (BGS) are the two teams ready to play the upcoming match. Now, Basketball is actually a very popular sport with a very huge fan following all around the world.

Now, the upcoming match will be going to take place tonight in which two superb teams are going to play with each other. Here, we are providing RVN vs BGS Dream11 Prediction in which you will get proper detail related to both teams.

RVN vs BGS Match Details

  • Match: Rytas Vilnius (RVN) and Hereda San Pablo Burgos (BGS), Basketball Champion League
  • Date and Time: 19th October 2021, 9:30 pm IST
  • Venue: Brin Vilnius, Avia Solutions Group Arena

The previous performance of the team Rytas Vilnius (RVN) was not appreciable. RVN has played a single match in the tournament so far but unfortunately, the team has lost the battle. Just because of the previous defeat, Rytas (RVN) placed at 3 on the points table. Now, the upcoming match between two superb teams will be worth watching in which RVN is all set to lock the horns of BGS.

Today, we are going to discuss one more cryptocurrency of the market which is attracting some of the best investors across the world. Well, there are many main reasons behind the attraction of the coin. Investors always check the previous growth of the coin before investing in the coin and also search, for the trading volume, market cap, and many more things of the coin. Well, there are lots of coins in the market which is mostly purchased by millions of investors and we are going to share some important details of the coin. Before investing in the market, assure that the coin is safe to hold the coin for the next few years.

The name of the coin is Ravencoin (RVN) which is has become a view of many investors within a few hours because of its rapid growth. Keep remembering that the situation of the coin always changes because of the value and position of the various coin of the market. The most growing coin of the day holds the position of among the top trending coin of the day. Now, we are going to share every important detail of the match which is also important to understand by the investors. During writing this article, we are noticing that the…


Ravencoin (RVN) price prediction after September sell-off

Ravencoin RVN/USD has weakened from the recent highs above $1.16, registered on 4th September, below $0.09, and the current price stands around $0.11.

Create and trade any asset

Ravencoin is a peer-to-peer blockchain that enables the efficient creation and transfer of assets from one party to another. Ravencoin allows you to create and trade any real-world (gold, silver, land deeds) or digital (gaming items, software licenses) assets on its network.

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This project was launched at the beginning of 2018, and it was built on a fork of the Bitcoin code. The popularity of Ravencoin is rising, but as a young project with strong competition, it’s difficult to predict how successful Ravencoin will be in the upcoming years.

Ravencoin offers you the option to make your own token on its blockchain, which can be limited in quantity, named, and issued as securities or collectibles. You can also contact every holder of your token, allowing specific holders to be notified when they might need to vote on new proposals.

To secure its network,…


How to Buy Ravencoin (RVN) • Step-by-Step • Benzinga

Want to jump straight to the answer? You can buy RVN on Huobi Global and

Ravencoin (RVN) is a unique open source protocol designed to improve the speed and functionality of transactions on the blockchain. It operates primarily through a mining system, allowing users to verify transactions using their computing power. Its main goal is to further decentralize the blockchain by moving computing power away from large-scale mining operations. 

What Is Ravencoin (RVN)?

Ravencoin is a store of value and is given as a reward for those who partake in a proof of work system (PoW.) You can use your own computing power to verify transactions on Ravencoin’s mining algorithm to receive RVN as a reward. The mining algorithm is called KAWPOW and operates on a fork of the Bitcoin chain. 

The project has 4 main goals, including a guarantee of 5,000 RVN given to miners every minute, a strict coin supply of 21 billion and their own algorithm. Through this, the project is able to give more power to individual miners and restrict development of ASIC miners. ASIC miners are typically used in large mining operations and detract from the decentralized mining…


BO vs RVN Live Score Basketball Champions League Lineup EWE Baskets Oldenburg vs Rytas Vilnius

One of the popular basketball leagues, Basketball Champions League 2021-22 is one of the most famous and anticipated leagues of the world which is mostly watched by everyone’s. The league is ready to introduce one more match within a few hours and fans are excited to watch this match on their screen and as well as on the basketball court.

Tonight, we will get to see the team EWE Baskets Oldenburg (BO) and team Rytas Vilnius (RVN) is going to play another match of the league. This league has introduced a single match from a group and now, this team is going to play their first match of the league.

BO vs RVN Live Score

In this article, we will talk about the excellent match of the league that will be played within a few hours. Both teams are excited to play their first match of the league and it will be interesting to watch this match and you can purchase the tickets for the match before its starts.

The tickets are available on the official websites of the teams. All the information of this match will be available in this article including time, date, venue, league, lineups players, and squad but the most important thing, the prediction of the match. So,…


How to Mine Ravencoin in 2021?

Ravencoin is a small coin, though a promising one. Miners from the global crypto network are interested in the currency despite its size and position on the market. It is a comparatively young coin that was introduced to the market in 2018. Due to its small price, it gets more popular in terms of mining. Mining is becoming more profitable, encouraging more mining specialists to the industry.

You may wonder how to mine Ravencoin with ease. And we have the answer to this question. Mining is an excellent undertaking because it’s a proven method to generate coins and help secure the whole network. 

Ravencoin Mining: The Importance of the Process Explained

One of the primary purposes of Ravecoin mining is its focus on decentralization. It helps protect the whole system from bad outcomes and activities. What should be said about the coin is its relation to Bitcoin. It’s the fork of the global Bitcoin network that has lots in common with its larger competitor. Miners work on the critical task. They help to validate the transactions before these can be added to the blockchain. It’s a big responsibility that allows the network to become…


What’s Happening With Bitcoin, Harmony (ONE), Ravencoin? How Will the Coming Days Shape Cryptocurrency Price Action?

Bitcoin is presently trading at $42,759 after China’s latest crypto ban triggered selling to lows of $40,683 on Friday. The majority of cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin are down on a 7-day basis except for selected tokens such as Tezos (XTZ, +10.10%), Celo (CELO, +31.94%), Celer Network (CELR, +41.54%) which remained up at the time of post.

The outlook for Bitcoin price remains mixed in the aftermath of Friday’s drop. Some analysts think that further downside risks may be in store for Bitcoin price with $36,000-$38,000 the cut-off point for bulls Ulrik K. Lykke, executive director at crypto hedge fund ARK36 believes that the China FUD will soon be forgotten like in afore times, stating ”the markets react with a price drop, each time the effect is smaller and more short-lived”.

It should be recalled that since 2009, China and Hong Kong have “banned” or otherwise caused FUD in the crypto space on 19 separate occasions and counting.

What’s Happening With Bitcoin, Harmony (ONE), Ravencoin?

Trading across the market remains flat as Bitcoin price remains pinned beneath the $45,600 barrier. However, let’s take a look at:

Harmony (ONE)


Siblings, aged 14 and 9, say they make over R433K a month mining bitcoin, ether, ravencoin

A bitcoin artwork by Stacey Coon, Anastasia Sultzer, and Nanu Berk at the Bitcoin 2021 convention.

Marco Bello/Getty Images

  • Ishaan Thakur, 14, and his sister Aanya, 9, mine bitcoin, ether, and ravencoin, CNBC reported.
  • The pair claim to earn more than R433,000 a month and their dad helped them set up their own company.
  • The siblings mine from their home and a rented-out data center in Dallas, Texas.
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Two siblings have started their own cryptocurrency mining company after making thousands over the summer, and hope their profits will help pay for their college fees, CNBC reported on Tuesday.

Ishaan Thakur, 14, and his sister, Aanya, 9, set up Flifer Technologies in April with the help of their father, Manish Raj, per CNBC.

“We started because we wanted to learn something new about technology – and also make some money along the way,” Ishaan told CNBC.

The pair, based in Frisco, Texas, told CNBC that they make more than R433,000 a month mining bitcoin, ether, and ravencoin – an altcoin with a R13 billion market cap, according to

The brother and sister started mining ether, and on their first day made…


Ravencoin (RVN) price analysis for August 2021

Ravencoin RVN/USD currently trades around the $0.0588 level, and it would be a strong buy signal if the price jumps again above $0.10 resistance.

Fundamental analysis: There is still a level of uncertainty surrounding this project

Ravencoin is a peer-to-peer blockchain that enables you to transfer assets from one party to another. This project was launched at the beginning of 2018 with a focus on building a useful technology that enables you to create and trade any…

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