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XDC Network, ECOMI Among Top Crypto Movers In 24H

Pulled from Benzinga Pro here’s the list of the top crypto gainers and losers at the time of publication:


  • Near (CRYPTO: NEAR) is up 21.34% at $11.61. Near’s current trading volume totals $504.35 million, a 113.37% increase from its 100-day average volume. As of today, $NEAR’s estimated market cap is $6,056,827,902.
    Circulating Supply: 526,072,613.44
    Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Spell Token (CRYPTO: SPELL) rose 17.99% to $0.03 over the past 24 hours. The trading volume for this coin is currently $79.91 million, which is 330.46% higher than its average full-day volume over the last 100 days. $SPELL’s estimated market cap is $1,880,404,313 as of today.
    Circulating Supply: 71,188,199,351.74
    Max Supply: 210,000,000,000
  • The Graph (CRYPTO: GRT) increased by 17.57% to $1.06. The Graph’s current trading volume totals $583.04 million, a 213.33% increase from its 100-day average volume. The coin’s market cap stands at 5,268,163,216.
    Circulating Supply: 4,956,845,231
    Max Supply: 10,000,000,000
  • Curve DAO Token (CRYPTO: CRV) rose 15.94% to $4.2 over the past 24 hours. The trading volume for this coin is currently $826.89 million, which is…


After Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, is SafeMoon Inu the Next Big Memecoin? By CoinQuora

After Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, is SafeMoon Inu the Next Big Memecoin?

  • and are the most popular memecoins.
  • Will SafeMoon Inu be the next big memecoin?

Since the beginning of 2021, memecoins have come to become today’s alternative cryptocurrencies. Their growing demand shows a shift from it being a joke to a more serious investment. This became a reality thanks to the wider acceptance of Dogecoin (DOGE).

Dogecoin acceptance opened doors to other memecoins to sprung up and climb the crypto ladder to compete with mainstream cryptocurrencies. This is the case of Shiba Inu, the “Dogecoin Killer.”

For a couple of days, Shiba Inu is gradually taking the center stage among the 150 other memecoins. The buzz, speculations, and media surrounding the crypto are adding to its pump. SHIB surged by over 350.9% over the last 30 days. This means the value of this beloved crypto has gone up from $0.00000697 to $0.000046 in just a few weeks. Thus, Shiba Inu became the third most traded crypto on Binance.

Following this, people are eyeing another memecoin for similar profits with Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. This crypto is nothing else but SafeMoon Inu.

According to CoinMarketCap, SafeMoon…


SafeMoon price presents a buy opportunity before 35% gains

  • SafeMoon price coils up under a crucial resistance level at $0.00000239.
  • A sudden burst in buying pressure that shatters this barrier can kick-start a 35% ascent.
  • In some cases, SAFEMOON could pull back to $0.00000198 or $0.00000175 support floors.

SafeMoon price is grappling with the last hurdle before a leg-up that will continue its two-month-long bullish bottom reversal pattern. Therefore, clearing this barrier will likely trigger some gains for the holders.

SafeMoon price edges closers to breakout

SafeMoon price formed a bottom on September 28 at $0.00000109 after a 66% descent. This was a turnaround point for SAFEMOON as it rallied 120% from this point to where it currently trades.

This price action shows that SafeMoon price is forming a rounding bottom and will continue to head toward the peak at $0.00000311.

Currently, SafeMoon price is under the $0.00000239 resistance barrier, which is the only hurdle preventing a 35% ascent. Therefore, clearing this hurdle will kick-start a big bullish move. Additionally, this is the last buy opportunity SafeMoon price will present before a move to $0.00000311.

Investors can expect a retracement after…


SafeMoon price prepares escape from prevailing downtrend with 60% ascent

  • SafeMoon price has found it challenging to break out of the governing downtrend in the past five months.
  • SAFEMOON needs to climb toward $0.00000288 to achieve a 60% rally.
  • However, dropping below $0.00000173 could spell trouble for the bulls.

SafeMoon price has been locked in a downtrend since May 23, with little ambition to reverse the period of sluggish performance. While the altcoin is trapped in the prevailing consolidation chart pattern, an escape above $0.00000288 could spell trouble for the bears.

SafeMoon price prepares to battle resistance

SafeMoon price has been trapped within a descending parallel channel on the daily chart since May 23, with little luck of breaking free prevailing chart pattern. However, the altcoin may be anticipating a move to the upside as a rounding bottom pattern has emerged.

SafeMoon price has formed a saucer pattern on the daily chart, suggesting that SAFEMOON may soon see its downtrend retreat. The rounding bottom pattern indicates a 60% ascent from the neckline, as the bulls eye $0.00000465. 

However, SAFEMOON has a few hurdles to tackle before the optimistic forecast is in the offing. The first obstacle for…


SafeMoon primed for bullish breakout that extends to $0.000003

  • SafeMoon price spiked as much as 37% during the week.
  • Buyers are currently testing the final Ichimoku resistance at Senkou Span B.
  • Strong commitment from buyers is required to push SafeMoon above the Cloud.

SafeMoon price is one the best performers of the week in the cryptocurrency space. It has gained as much as 113% from the beginning of October. Even though SafeMoon found intense selling pressure at $0.0000026, it is still up over 95% for the month.

SafeMoon price temporarily halted against the top of the Cloud and a critical Fibonacci expansion level

SafeMoon price has made several attempts to close above Senkou Span B and the 100% Fibonacci expansion, both at $0.0000024. Thus, a Friday close just below $0.0000024 could be a boon for bulls or bears as liquidity dries up and volatility increases during the weekend.

Despite the strong rally that SafeMoon price has experienced, it is still massively underperforming the broader cryptocurrency market. While many cryptocurrencies hit new all-time highs and continue to form new all-time highs, SafeMoon is just coming off of making new all-time lows. If momentum remains strong, then bulls may be able…


Missed The Boat on SHIB And Safemoon? Don’t Miss Out On 4JNET

4JNET is a new project that presents investors with the opportunity to get massive returns. For many, missing boats on projects like SHIB and Safemoon has been a big regret. However, investors are presented with a fresh opportunity to realize the same kind of returns as 4JNET.

The project is aimed at bringing about a monetary revolution that will in turn lead to financial inclusion. 4JNET puts early and late investors on a level playing field, affording every investor the chance to make massive profits from their investments. The encrypted token is structured in a way that rewards long-term holders who are in it for the long run. This enables them to achieve their financial goals through the gains realized from investing in 4JNET.

4JNET is scheduled to make its first debut on December 1, giving investors the opportunity to trade the digital assets from all over the globe. This is another chance for investors to get in early on an asset with appreciative value.

Experts And Senior Players Are Loving 4JNET

4JNET has been a favorite of the top players in the crypto space. It has received thumbs from experts and senior players throughout the market. This support is attributed to…


Koda named most trusted crypto company at Crypto Expo Dubai 2021

Koda Cryptocurrency was named ‘Most Trusted Crypto Company 2021’ at Crypto Expo Dubai (CED2021), which took place on October 14 and 15 at Festival arena, Festival City in Dubai, Invezz learned from a press release.

Trust, education, ease of use

Koda is an interesting new crypto offering from the UK, marketed by SummitBC Ltd. The core values of the project revolve around Trust, Education and Ease (TEE). The company was one of the diamond sponsors at CED2021, which was attended by more than 8000 people. Over 64 crypto firms and over 80 crypto industry speakers were present.

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The Crypto Expo Dubai gathers crypto industry leaders and investors to network and explore more business opportunities in the crypto space. It is considered to be the biggest cryptocurrency event in the region. The organizer of CED commented:  

Our event has delivered the best conference and enhanced networking opportunity that has helped individuals and businesses to gain the knowledge in the digital assets and blockchain industry.

Koda is entering the gold…


Clash Of the Tokens: HUH Token VS MonaCoin

The cryptocurrency world has seen a significant influx of popularity recently and a huge part of that popularity is focused on the rise of meme tokens. So, what is a meme token? Well, meme tokens are cryptocurrencies that are inspired by memes – these are photos, videos, text, and more that are all intended to be humorous. They have spread rapidly across the internet and tend to be recreated in different forms.

Now, memes have crossed over into the cryptocurrency world and the first meme crypto was created in 2013 by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer. Fast forward a few years and now meme cryptocurrencies are taken very seriously. Tokens such as SafeMoon, DogeCoin, HUH Token, MonaCoin, and Shiba Inu are all very successful meme tokens.

This article explores a clash of two crypto titans, one new, HUH Token, and one that has been in the game since 2013, MonaCoin.

What Is MonaCoin?

MonaCoin is a cryptocurrency that was developed in 2013. On-exchange platforms, it is typically shown as ‘MONA’. The meme it was based on was a cat-like figure that became popularised in Japan. Most of its usage happens in Japan. This cryptocurrency has been around for a while now and…


Wen Altseason? Here Are the Indications As LINK, Solana, Nexo, MCO, Safemoon, Moonriver Climb!

Bullish tempers flared across the cryptocurrency market on Oct. 20 as Bitcoin rose to fresh all-time highs at $67,000. Bitcoin’s breakout to $67,000 sent the total crypto market capitalization to a new all-time high, an indication that Altcoins could soon embark on a new uptrend.

Notably, the majority of the Altcoin bunch rose with some notching double-digit gains. As of press time, Solana (SOL, +16.75%), Nexo (NEXO, 19.83%), MCO (MCO, +38.25%), Safemoon (SAFEMOON, +12.88%), Moonriver (MOVR, +25%) were up in the last 24 hours.

The DeFi sector also benefited from BTC’s bullish breakout with the total value locked (TVL) across all DeFi protocols climbing to a new record high. The DeFi Sector trading volume also rose significantly, presently up 34.71% according to coinmarket cap data.

Majority of DeFi related tokens traded in green with Chainlink (LINK, +6.39%), Ren (REN, +11.70%), 1inch Network (1INCH, +13.39%), Secret (SCRT, +13.28%) up in the last 24 hours.

On-chain data analytics, Santiment detects rising whale activity as Chainlink accumulates. Stating ”Chainlink sits at a modest $25.70, but whale traders are staying busy & adding to their…


SafeMoon price hints at another 55% breakout – FXStreet

SafeMoon price hints at another 55% breakout  FXStreet

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