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Sony Embraces Metaverse to Connect With Gamers. Why Meta May Be in for a Battle.

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Metaverse Land Just Sold For $4,010 In The SandBox

What happened: Virtual land tokenized as an NFT just sold for $4,010, which is 1.18x the current floor price of 1.7 Ether ETH/USD. The estate consists of 166,464 plots of land –– each plot is 2,500 square feet in the metaverse. Land in Decentraland and The Sandbox skyrocketed after Facebook’s rebrand to meta, as more investors become aware of what the metaverse is. Most of the time, virtual land sells at a premium due to the size of the lot and its proximity to the center of the metaverse.

Ethereum’s blockchain is home to open world metaverses, with the 2 largest being Decentraland MANA/USD and The Sandbox SAND/USD. Brands like Adidas ADDYY and Atari PONGF have bought virtual land in these blockchain-based metaverses, and some companies believe that much of retail will eventually happen within the metaverse.

The term metaverse is used to describe the evolution of human’s interaction with the internet. As we spend more and more of our time on the internet, the gap between the real world and our online identities declines. Eventually, the metaverse is intended to be an immersive virtual world where people enjoy digital ownership and can interact with their peers.

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Amazon Head of Devices: Company Focused on Real-World Tech, Not Metaverse

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ENTER THE METAVERSE Documentary Trailer

ABC Owned Television Stations, the No. 1 trusted market leader in local news, released the trailer to “NFTs: Enter the Metaverse” today, May 19. The one-hour documentary will premiere on Saturday, May 21, across its eight owned-stations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, San Francisco, Raleigh-Durham, Fresno (complete listings below), its 24/7 streaming channels and on ABC News Live.

The one-hour documentary captures the viewer instantly with an interview and behind the scenes with famed digital artist Mike “Beeple” Winkelmann, who shook the world when his NFT work sold for an unprecedented $69.4 million at the historic Christie’s Auction House. The sale marked the beginning of an unstoppable NFT wave, where everyone from digital artists to mainstream celebrities began creating, selling and collecting NFTs via cryptocurrency on Blockchain.

“NFTs: Enter the Metaverse” gives an in-depth look at the gold-rush hysteria and growing popularity surrounding NFTs (non-fungible tokens). The documentary features celebrity interviews with Paris Hilton, billionaire and shark of ABC’s “Shark Tank” Mark Cuban, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, international DJ Steve Aoki, and…


MetaNept launches NEPT Token to facilitate a hyper-realistic 3D metaverse

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MetaNept (, the technologically advanced metaverse for culture and commerce, announces the launch of its utility NEPT Token, which will serve as the currency and entry point for its Nept Metaverse. Nept is an interactive, 3D universe that offers users the freedom to explore hyper-realistic virtual worlds and communities while being able to monetize and merchandise their experiences.

Most metaverse experiences that we witness these days force artists to compromise on the level of the visual sophistication delivered to their fans. MetaNept’s inherent design and infrastructure allow artists, entertainers, and their respective teams to put together virtual experiences that exceed their fans’ expectations when compared with the physical world, thus positioning MetaNept as the go-to platform for virtual, multi-sensory entertainment.

MetaNept has partnered with Realiz3d to create visually complex landscapes and cities, as well as unique, otherworldly avatars designed with a detailed artistry that elevates what a metaverse can be, in contrast to the standard, cartoonish metaverses. The Nept Metaverse…


‘NFTs: Enter the Metaverse’ | Watch the trailer for non-fungible token documentary from ABC Localish Studios

In 2021, three otherwise unassuming letters would upend the worlds of cryptocurrency, technology, art, and pop culture all at once. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, were propelled into the mainstream after an unprecedented $69.4 million sale at the historic art auction house Christie’s in New York City.

The sale of digital artist Beeple’s Everydays at Christie’s for $69.4 million marked the beginning of a seemingly unstoppable NFT wave, where everyone from digital artists to mainstream celebrities like Paris Hilton, Mark Cuban, Steve Aoki and many others began creating, selling, and collecting NFTs via cryptocurrency on the Blockchain.

While NFTs initially focused on the importance of ownership of digital assets, they soon also became part of a social movement where groups of creators and collectors began communities based on buying and selling NFTs. Some early examples of these groups include CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, but many more have since risen in popularity as the world of NFTs continues to expand and propels new digital artists, like 17-year-old Diana Sinclaire, to international fame.

Following the journey of digital artist Beeple, aka Mike Winklemann, through the…


The U.S. military is creating and just tested its own metaverse

The military’s version of a metaverse doesn’t quite align with Mark Zuckerberg and Meta’s vision for a virtual world for us to inhabit.


Credit: Red 6

Using augmented reality (AR), two fighter pilots completed a high-altitude drill a few thousand feet high over the desert of California on May 10th. Flying a pair of Berkut 540 jets and donning custom AR headsets, the pilots were shown virtual refueling aircraft in the sky, allowing one of the pilots to practice a refueling maneuver with the virtual aircraft.

The augmented and virtual reality (VR) technology, head-mounted displays and artificial intelligence (AI) powered environments being developed by Red 6 allow pilots to take part in virtual dog fights against enemy aircraft and more while pulling several G’s. Red 6 is developing a platform that will allow them to display various scenarios in AR and VR, while using lower latency and higher reliability hardware than consumer-grade AR and VR headsets.

We can fly against whatever threat we want. And that threat could be controlled either by an individual remotely or by artificial intelligence. What we’re building is really a military metaverse. It’s like a…


Leinster Rugby is entering the Metaverse

Last October, Facebook became Meta – and since then different global brands have unveiled their vision for the Metaverse, which is a more immersive virtual reality experience, where users can engage in conversations, shop, or enjoy gigs and other live events.   Leinster Rugby and their innovation partner Bearing Point showcased their first venture into this new realm yesterday. This included a tour of a virtual Aviva Stadium.  

Newstalk’s Technology Correspondent, Jess Kelly was there and met with Kevin Quinn, Head of Commercial Marketing at Leinster Rugby who explained why the club is entering the Metaverse.


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Jamiroquai Metaverse: Band To Deliver a ‘New Method of Interaction’ With Fans

Good news for Jamiroquai fans! The English funk and acid jazz band will be having a new way of interacting with their fans through technology as they recently announced a partnership with a big company.

According to Billboard, the group is teaming up with the virtual gaming platform The Sandbox, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, to let them enter the metaverse.

The deal was made possible by UMG’s brand and merchandise company Bravado, making the music giant the second major label to collaborate with the platform.

To give fans an insight on what to expect in the funk band’s metaverse, The Sandbox said they will help the group create an online universe that is “part virtual real estate and part amusement park.”

The metaverse will also include a curated space that features “funk, freedom and fashion.”

In a statement, Jamiroquai said, “We have always been future facing and super social… We look forward to telling you more soon, but for now can say that hats will definitely be involved.”

To celebrate the latest collaboration, the band and The Sandbox unveiled a new merch collection…


Seoul’s double in the metaverse is designed to simplify citizens’ lives

The municipality of Seoul has launched a major project to create a digital model of its city and administration in order to offer optimised services in the metaverse. The idea is to be able to improve the daily life of inhabitants and allow anyone throughout the world to take advantage of the city’s assets by immersing themselves in this virtual representation of the South Korean metropolis.

Called “Metaverse Seoul,” the project concerns all areas of its municipal administration. It combines both the concept of a digital twin, which consists in recreating, in digital form, an existing infrastructure including an entire city, and virtual reality.

The goal is to make the city even more “intelligent” and its services easily accessible to all. Starting in 2023, some of the city’s administrative services will be accessible through the metaverse. Users will be able to create an avatar and explore various city hall departments in virtual form. Eventually, the goal is to allow everyone to access information on education, tax collection or filing complaints. The project aims to make it easier for…