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Ticker Symbol Non-Fungible Tokens are First to be Rendered & Minted on Demand

DETROIT, May 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Shareholder loyalty platform TiiCKER® today dropped the next generation of digital signature and social media handles: your own ticker symbol.

Like a stock listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ or London Stock Exchange, the one to four letter Tii:MARK will be a one-of-one signature, and minted on the Ethereum block chain as an exclusive non-fungible token (NFT). Each Tii:MARK token will include a custom-rendered image, animation, and a physical coin, as well as utility as the NFT owners’ TiiCKER user name and sign-on, exclusive access to perks, discounts and experiences, listing on the Tii:CKER Stock Exchange, and access to a Tii:MARK owners-only event in Summer 2023. 

TiiCKER dropped 100 Tii:MARKs on the NFT platform OpenSea and 1,000 additional Tii:MARKs on the TiiCKER platform today. Potential buyers interested in purchasing a Tii:MARK can search for their desired symbol’s availability, bid on desired ticker options, and…


Original Painting of Makaveli Album Artwork to Be Auctioned With NFT Component and Sweepstakes for a Chance to Win Percentage of Sales Price | National Business


Zelus, a company that aims to revolutionize the way people interact with art and finance, and Heritage Auctions are partnering to auction the original album cover painting from Tupac Shakur’s The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory (aka Makaveli) by artist Riskie Forever. The auction is live through June 18, accompanied by a 1-of-1 NFT that will include a never-before-heard story about the origins of the piece.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Original album cover painting from Tupac Shakur’s The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory (aka Makaveli) by artist Riskie Forever.

Icon Mike Tyson will be discussing the painting while sharing memories of Tupac on his podcast “Hotboxin’ w/ Mike Tyson.” “This episode was cool to shoot,” said Tyson. “Having the opportunity to honor Pac and have this painting here with us was awesome. It’s by far the most iconic hip hop…


The first NFT marketplace for restaurants launched

As NFTs continue to gain momentum as new avenues of revenue for the hospitality industry, it was only a matter of time before a digital assets marketplace built for restaurants popped up. New York City-based Front of House claims to be the first NFT marketplace for independent restaurants.

At launch, Front of House has eight operator partners, selling NFTs that do everything from offering “skip the line” passes to allowing the NFT holder to pre-order doughnuts. Unlike many other notable NFTs in the restaurant industry, Front of House’s partners appear to be targeting a less wealthy demographic than Brooklyn Chop House’s lounge selling NFT memberships for thousands of dollars each. On the Front of House marketplace, digital artwork is more likely to cost $100-$200 each.

“We’re trying to frame it as more as a digital collectible and get away from the ‘get rich quick’ mentality and make it more about capturing the digital experience of being a regular at your favorite restaurant,” Front of House cofounder Phil Toronto said.

Here’s how it works: it’s…


MUSIC NFT, WEB3 NEWS: Medallion shines • Serenade + $4.25M • Linktree ‘gets’ NFTs • Chill RX builds community

Medallion has raised $9 million in funding for one of the more promising Web3 music startups that has come across my desk recently. Founder and former Songkick CEO Matt Jones attracted some well-connected investors to this Seed round, including Betaworks, POAP Ventures, Polygon Ventures, Chernin Group, Mike Shinoda, Red Light Ventures, and Tycho.

More than just anither NFT platform, Medallion is promising to build a much needed tool for artists to create their own web3 communities.

Here is Medallion’s pitch: “Artists will be able to create owned and operated digital worlds that expand community participation, actionable insights, and economic potential. Fans can join communities that look and feel like an artist’s world through a seamless web3 onboarding that requires no technical set-up or payments. As community members, fans can access a suite of benefits and participate creatively through input or ownership around digital goods.”

I’ve heard dozens of similar pitches, but… #HOPEFUL

Serenade adds $4.25M

‘Green music NFT marketplace Serenade has raised USD 4.25 million “to support artists by creating new revenue streams from unique fan experiences.”

The company…


Wally’s NFT,, and Xavier Mortimer Announce Multi-Year Partnership Expanding the World of Magic into the Metaverse

$WSB, the official token of Wally’s NFT, is traded on Bittrex Global, one of the largest and safest crypto exchanges in the world, and has its own DEX on Wally’s NFT is designed by a legendary artist who created one of the most iconic characters in the video game industry and is backed by a unique story imagined by the scriptwriter of Assassin’s Creed: Lineage. As the first hero of the Metaverse, Wally is friendly, playful, funny, inspiring, and courageous. His integration into Mortimer’s “The Dream Maker” will come with multiple perks for Wally’s NFT owners, including VIP seating, specialty drinks, and exclusive merchandise.

“We want to reward our holders. But, we also want to have actual utility for our token. So, by booking your tickets with $WSB, you will unlock free upgrades. By becoming the first crypto accepted on the Strip, we wanted to show how serious we are about Wally’s NFT and,” said Streeter Hull, co-founder of both projects. “We truly believe that the Metaverse will become a new space for talents like Xavier to showcase their craft and expertise.”

Mortimer, who is going into his sixth year in Vegas, is once again at the…


Pride Icons Launches World’s Largest NFT Community To Celebrate Pride Month

Pride Icons – the world’s largest LGBTQ+ NFT collection and exclusive social club – is launching its inaugural collection and will mint in honour of Pride Month on June 1. Pride Icons will also donate $1 million to organisations such as GLAAD, The Trevor Project and HMI.

This LGBTQ+ NFT project features several celebrities, including media personality Perez Hilton.

About the inaugural collection

The inaugural mint includes 100 “Icons”. These are artistic interpretations of famous LGBTQ+ celebrities, leaders and advocates such as Luke Evans, CT Hedden and Perez Hilton. It is important to note that all these icons worked hand in hand with the NFT project to create artistic interpretations of themselves.

The 10,000 pop art NFTs will be available to purchase on Pride Icons, with secondary sales taking place on OpenSea. Moreover, the NFTs will be sold at 3 tiers of utility: Plus, Prime and Prestige.

While the auction begins on June 1, 3-4 prestige icons will be released every day, resulting in 100 icons over Pride Month. The starting price for Prestige NFTs is 0.06 ETH. Interested people can also use Paper to buy these NFTs; as Paper allows credit card, wallet and…


PYMNTS AM Radar: B2B Friction; NFT Cuteness Factor

It’s Thursday, May 19, and it’s an outlier day — only Devil’s Food Cake Day seems to have claimed it, and that’s not nearly enough. Nine years ago today Yahoo acquired the social blogging site Tumblr for $1.1 billion. WordPress picked it up for about $3 million two years ago. Here’s what should be on your radar this morning.

B2B Friction Reduction: Financial institutions (FIs) and corporations are seeking ways to bring their B2B payments processes up to date with the latest technology. PYMNTS’ report in collaboration with FIS, “Meeting The Challenge Of Payments Modernization: How Organizational Size Influences Innovation,” shows that only 37% of FIs said they had the in-house chops to handle B2B payment frictions. But that percentage changes by the size of the organization. READ MORE

NFT Cuteness Factor: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the metaverse have become hot marketing tools for big retail brands. Jan-Lukas Wolf, senior director of commerce strategy for global payments provider Blackhawk Network, told PYMNTS the challenge is how to connect everyday consumers and brands in ways that deliver tangible benefits to both of them. And that goes beyond cute…


Global Tax-Reporting Rules Try to Shoehorn Crypto Into Their System

“In my world, there is a strong desire to bring this [crypto] into the fold, to make sure it’s ethical, it works, people are trusted, there’s consumer protection, there’s not money laundering associated with it,” KPMG’s Grant Wardell-Johnson told CoinDesk.


NoMo claims U.S. first with NFT hotel stays

NoMo SoHo is the latest to claim an NFT first with its launch of a token with hotel stays attached.

The property, and its owner Sapir Corp, believe it’s the first hotel in the United States to enable guests to book stays via blockchain technology.

The initiative uses SolidBlock’s platform and technology to offer guests NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, with three to six-night stays.

Anyone purchasing an NFT and booking the packages will be able to access exclusive preferred rates and additional perks.

Alex Sapir, chairman of Sapir Corp, says: “Our NFT offerings will provide NoMo SoHo a competitive edge and, more importantly, flexibility for each of our discerning guests. As demand for the use of digital assets and digital currency increases across the globe, we are once again proud to serve as industry leaders. Through our partnership with SolidBlock, we are modernizing our practices to accommodate tech-savvy audiences while laying the groundwork for the future of real estate.”

Yael Tamar, co-founder and CEO of SolidBlock, says: “The…


Is the Film Industry Really Ready to Embrace NFTs? – The Hollywood Reporter

At the turn of the millennium, Cannes was taken over by the dot-coms. A fresh generation of technology start-ups descended on the Croisette, plastering the hotel fronts with banners and billboards and promising to revolutionize the film business thanks to this new-fangled technology called the internet. A year later, those banners were gone. The tech bubble had burst.

For Cannes 2022, replace dot-coms with crypto technology and the internet with the blockchain. Crypto and NFT-sponsored panels, parties and events are everywhere on the Croisette this year. Even the lead sponsorship of Cannes’ May 26 amfAR Gala comes from cryptocurrency exchange platform FTX. The tech start-ups crowding into Cannes this year have new buzzwords — “NFT,” “metaverse,” “Web 3.0” — but their promise to revolutionize and democratize the movie business sounds eerily familiar.

“It does remind me a lot of the internet bubble days, which I was very close to and had a front row seat to,” says Mark Kimsey of Electromagnetic Productions, a film and TV production studio that has made NFTs and blockchain technology a core part of its business model. “There were a lot of…