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Dollar today: how much the official and the other exchange options are trading this Monday, May 23

The dollar It is listed stable this Monday, May 23 at $117.75 for the purchase now $123.75 for sale on the screens of the Bank of the Argentine Nation (BNA). Last week, it was up 75 cents.

For his part, the blue dollar it is negotiated at $201 for the purchase now $204 for sale in the City of Buenos Aires. In the previous week, he was up just 50 cents end to end and it remained as the cheapest exchange rate in the market.

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Consequently, the gap with the wholesaler is located at 71,50%.

the continuation, one by one, the prices of the different options to operate in dollars that can be accessed in Argentina.

Savings or solidarity dollar

The solidarity dollar or savings opera a $204,19. With the fall of the blue, it ceased to be the cheapest option on the market to access dollars. It has a monthly quota of…


The Future President of Argentina Might be a Crypto Supporter

Juan C. Guerrero HackerNoon profile picture

Juan C. Guerrero

A blockchain and crypto enthusiast, who also loves to write and teach about politics & free markets.

There is an anarcho-capitalist lurking in the shadows of the Argentine presidency. We’re talking about the person responsible for occupying the first positions in the different opinion polls, Javier Milei.

The 51-year-old self-declared anarcho-capitalist economist has…


Al-Baraka Bank in Egypt to inject $6m to develop technological infrastructure – Arab News

Al-Baraka Bank in Egypt to inject $6m to develop technological infrastructure  Arab News

These companies are using blockchain to improve ESG compliance for the mining industry

Sentient Equity Partners has joined the xx network to use its blockchain ecosystem to post its ESG compliance data in a public and transparent matter.

As part of its efforts to increase transparency, Sentient will also collaborate with C02 Labs and the xx network to develop a platform for mining operations’ ESG compliance.

While neither Sentient nor xx are household names in the blockchain industry yet, their collaboration marks an essential step in integrating blockchain technology into the broader mining industry.

Blockchain and ESG are a match made in heaven

ESG reporting is the disclosure of environmental, social, and corporate governance data. As with all disclosures, its purpose is to shed a light on a company’s ESG activities, usually to appease local environmental and corporate regulations.

However, the changing landscape of the global financial market has made ESG compliance…


Bitcoin Pizza Day: Celebrating The $300-Million Pizza Order – And Other Fun Facts

What a peculiar combination: bitcoin and pizza. Nonetheless, an entire day has been designated for each of these occasions. All of this is done in recognition of the innovations that crypto has brought to the world.

Since their creation, cryptocurrencies have dominated the global virtual currency landscape, and now everyone is mining this coin or seeking to invest in crypto.

Investors and entrepreneurs are looking for an opportunity to trade in cryptocurrencies ever since the first crypto trade became viral.

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Pizza: First Physical Item Bought Using Bitcoin

Previously, cryptos were not accepted as a form of payment, but after a man from Florida paid for his meal with bitcoins, this topic was all people could talk about.

Bitcoin Pizza Day…


Brock Pierce Weighs In On Terra Stablecoin Crash

Bitcoin Foundation Chairman and Tether co-founder Brock Pierce sat down with Bloomberg, weighing in on the demise of TerraUSD as well as the market crash.

Users of the coin have reportedly lost millions of dollars in the collapse, after Terra’s algorithmically engineered stablecoin lost its 1-to-1 peg with the U.S. Dollar, causing a hemorrhaging effect where both Terra and Luna’s price plummeted.

Pierce says that while this experiment got “too big, too fast,” it hasn’t negatively impacted the rest of the ecosystem, noting that “the problem with this experiment is that people put too much trust in it too soon.”

Do Kwon recently amended his proposal to revive the Terra blockchain, suggesting the creation of Luna (LUNA) 2.0 tokens on an entirely new blockchain. However, many of come to question the legitimacy of his proposal, as his amendment to it comes in the middle of…


🔴 Dollar today: how much is the official, the blue, the MEP, the CCL and the Crypto trading this Friday, May 20

The dollar opens this Friday May 20th at $117.50 for purchase now $123.50 for sale on the screens of the Bank of the Argentine Nation (BNA). Accumulates an increase of 50 cents in the week.

For his part, the blue dollar drop a peso, to $202 for the purchase now $205 for sale in the City of Buenos Aires. Trims the week’s accrued raise for the week to $1.50.

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Consequently, the gap with the wholesaler is located at 73%.

Below, one by one, the prices of the different options to operate in dollars that can be accessed in Argentina.

Savings or solidarity dollar

The solidarity or savings dollar operates at $203.78. With the rise in financials, it once again became the cheapest option in the market to access dollars, although it has a monthly quota of US$200 per person.

It is the sum of the price of the dollar…


SAND Jumped 12% Following The Sandbox’s Acquisition of Uruguayan Tech Firm

The Animoca Brands subsidiary – The Sandbox – purchased the Uruguayan technology company Cualit, aiming to accelerate the progress of the Web3 ecosystem and blockchain industry.

Shortly after the deal’s announcement, the price of the native token of The Sandbox – SAND – soared by nearly 12% and is currently trading at about $1.35.

  • One of the most popular blockchain-based online games – The Sandbox – acquired the Uruguayan development technology firm Cualit. Both parties vowed to join forces and develop an infrastructure that could promote innovations in the Web3 and blockchain universe. 
  • Prior to the deal, The Sandbox has worked closely with Cualit and its Co-Founders – the Perez brothers – for more than a year. After signing the agreement, the South American organization was renamed The Sandbox Uruguay.
  • The native token of the blockchain-based…


Resilience risks: cryptocurrency and blockchain

Resilience and risk professionals, particularly those from a non-IT background, need to develop their overall understanding of emerging technologies says Luke Bird, FBCI. How else are they going to be able to fully appreciate the magnitude of risks potentially facing their business? In this article Luke gives a backgrounder on cryptocurrency and blockchain in the context of risk.

Many resilience and risk pros who are less in touch with the world of technology will say, “My IT folks will tell me,” but beyond the ‘techy’ descriptions you’re only ever getting their individual and specialist perspective. Are your IT specialists aware of all the business processes that rely on that technology and in different ways? Or perhaps even the possible impact to customer experience if the technology was lost? Or, how it might impact the…


Crypto markets recover; Bitcoin, Ethereum both see uptrend

Cryptocurrency markets witnessed a slight uptrend in the last 24 hours. The global market cap is up by 3.55 per cent in the last 24 hours and is at $1.28 trillion as of 7:00 AM IST, CoinMarketCap data showed.

Bitcoin is up by 4.54 per cent, and is trading at $30,290. Ethereum rose by 3.90 per cent and is trading at $2,016.

The USDT Tether showed 0.01 uptrend in the last 24 hours in its value and is trading at $0.9989, whereas the USDC stablecoins showed 0.02 per cent uptrend in its value and is trading at $1.

The BNB token has gone up by 5.30 per cent.

XRP Ripple token is 4.13 per cent up from its value in the last 24 hours. 

The ADA token showed a massive 4.19 per cent uptrend.

Solana rose by 2.97 per cent.

The BinanceUSD stablecoin is down 0.10 per cent and is trading at $0.9997.

Doge, the popular memecoin is at the spot of the tenth most valuable token and is up 3.04 per…