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FA lucky no more action was taken after one-match stadium ban while Chelsea star Lukaku in a language league of his own

THE FA can have few complaints over Uefa’s one-match stadium ban due to the behaviour of fans in the Euro 2020 final against Italy and the total lack of security.

But the FA are lucky no action was taken over the thousands who barged into the semi against Denmark and the Germany game.


England fans will miss out as the Three Lions have to play a game behind closed doors at WembleyCredit: Getty
The FA are lucky the actions of supporters did not cost them more


The FA are lucky the actions of supporters did not cost them moreCredit: AFP

It seems the relationship between Wembley security and the Met Police could be better.


FANCY buying into a football club?

You can now use cryptocurrency to part-own an organisation which is looking to buy a team at National League level in England — or maybe in France or Spain.

Former Norwich and Canadian international striker Simeon Jackson, 34, is involved in the project.

If you know all about NFTs and blockchain, go to



SOME homegrown players in the Premier League struggle with speaking English.

But it is fair to say Romelu Lukaku is in a league of his own…


Is Estonia, The 1st To Regulate Crypto, Now Killing It Off?

Imagine constructing a building only to tear it down because you’re not happy with the foundation. That’s exactly what Matis Mäeker, head of the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, wants to do with the country’s crypto regulations, according to a local media report last week. 

Located in Northern Europe, the small Baltic nation of Estonia consists of 1,500 islands, lush forests and numerous lakes. Once a part of the Soviet Union, Estonia has centuries of history as a battleground where Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia and Sweden fought wars to control this access-point between East and West.

Estonia was also a trailblazer in the world of cryptocurrencies. It was one of the first countries to issue licenses to crypto businesses in 2017. These licenses were for two types of crypto businesses, ones that were looking to run an exchange and ones that were looking to undertake an initial coin offering. 

Additionally, the Estonian government offered “digital residence” which allowed entrepreneurs or their companies to legally base themselves in Estonia, even if the businesses operated elsewhere. This made it easier to obtain licenses in the country, which in turn…


Culture Round-Up: Mermaid mayday at the Blue Planet aquarium

The Blue Planet aquarium in Amager is again hiring freedivers to dress up as mermaids and tap on the glass as delighted visitors walk past – an added bonus for those gawping at hammerhead sharks and rays in its giant tanks.

The aquarium contends that its performance during the ongoing autumn holiday will be critical in its bid to stave off bankruptcy – a threat that has been ever-present since the onset of corona.

After all, those fish aren’t going to feed themselves.

Make a MobilePay donation
Showing up to enjoy the antics of the five freedivers will help the aquarium to cover the costs of its inmates’ food bills and staff salaries, as will buying an annual pass or making a donation via MobilePay (435576).

Over the summer, the aquarium ‘auctioned’ its animals via Den Blå Avis, and bitcoin billionaire Niklas Nikolajsen von Karlhof ‘paid’ 560,000 kroner for Otto the Octopus.

Adult octopuses feed on other fish, and even octopi, so hurry up with that donation!

Rights to watch ‘Forbrydelsen’ sold in US 14 years after debut
US audiences hate subtitles, or so we’ve always been told, as it hasn’t stopped Topic from acquiring the rights from DR to stream…


Which British scientist inspired a Barbie doll? The Saturday quiz | Life and style

The questions

1 Which British scientist inspired a Barbie doll?
2 Which country has made bitcoin legal tender?
3 Who tweets as @kingjames?
4 Which city was protected by the Theodosian Walls?
5 Which writer’s only first-class wicket was WG Grace?
6 What was first sold in the UK as the Stowaway?
7 Which geological era are we living in?
8 Which folk rock group was named after a house in Muswell Hill?
What links:
James VI and I; Anne; Edward VII; Elizabeth II?
10 Cop; Hollywood; Zombie; Nomad; La La?
11 Division (Johann Rahn); infinity (John Wallis); equals (Robert Recorde)?
12 Arak; ouzo; pastis; raki; sambuca?
13 Carpenter; Cooper; Glenn; Grissom; Schirra; Shepard; Slayton?
14 Sue Perkins; Griff Rhys Jones; Kim Appleby?
15 Dedans; tambour; grille; hazard the door?

1969 Brooke Bond collectors tea card, depicting: William Gilbert Grace (1848 – 23 October 1915). English amateur cricketer
Howzat! WG Grace. Photograph: World History Archive/Alamy

The answers

1 Sarah Gilbert.
2 El Salvador.
3 LeBron James.
4 Constantinople.
5 Arthur Conan Doyle.
6 Sony Walkman.
7 Cenozoic.
8 Fairport Convention.

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America’s First Church of Crypto Currency – Temple 420 in Los Angeles | National/World

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Oct. 13, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – “I think it is the church’s job to look out for our follower’s spiritual and financial well-being during this challenging time of global upheaval and Let’s Go Brandon! Temple 420 shares what we sincerely think and hopefully, the lives of people who listen to us are better for it,” says Temple 420 founder Craig X Rubin.

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Funding in Indian startups this week (04 Oct-09 Oct)

This week 40 Indian startups raised funding, of which 33 received a total of $1,170 million or $1.1 billion. Byju’s raised the highest funding of about $296 million, followed by CoinSwitch Kuber which raised $260 million.

Also, three startups — Licious, CoinSwitch Kuber and Rebel Foods — turned into unicorns this week.

Meanwhile, the funding of seven of the total funded startups remained undisclosed. 

Below is the summary of deals closed this week

Growth/late startups (10 deals)

Byju’s: Byju’s has raised a fresh tranche of Rs 2,200 crore or $296 million from more than half a dozen investors. The Bengaluru-based company had recently picked up $150 million as a part of a new and old round from a couple of investors.

CoinSwitch Kuber: CoinSwitch Kuber, India’s crypto asset platform, has closed a $260 million Series C funding round from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Coinbase Ventures and existing investors Paradigm, Ribbit Capital, Sequoia Capital India and Tiger Global. 

Rebel Foods: Cloud kitchen brand Rebel Foods has raised $175 million in its Series F round led by Qatar Investment Authority and participated by existing investors Coatue and Evolvence.

Twin Health

[Weekly funding roundup] For the second week in a row, venture investment cross $1B

The month of October has begun on a very positive note for the Indian startup ecosystem as for two weeks in a row, the venture funding has sustained above $1 billion, with the week seeing the emergence of three unicorns.

The second week of October saw the startup ecosystem receiving venture funding to the tune of $1.1 billion across 29 deals, which is almost equal to that of the previous week.

The week also saw the emergence of three unicorns – CoinSwitch Kuber, Licious, and Rebel Foods. This takes the total number of unicorns emerging from the Indian startup ecosystem this year to 31, and the expectation is that there will more startups that will be valued at $1 billion and above.

Besides, the funding this week also witnessed interesting merger and acquisition activity, which lends a further vibrancy to the ecosystem.

Key highlights

Edtech startup BYJU’S raised close to $300 million from Oxshott Capital Partners, XN Exponent, Edelweiss, Verition Master Fund, IIFL, and Time Capital.

Crypto exchange CoinSwitch Kuber raised $260 million from Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), Coinbase Ventures, and others.

B2B marketplace OfBusiness raised $200 million from Tiger…


German Industrial Production, Italy Retail Sales, US Jobless Claims

The USD/PLN pair noticeably declined during the volatile morning hours on Wednesday following a rather unexpected rate hike by the Polish central bank, raising rates by 40 basis points. It was also reported that the central bank is making plans to purchase at least 100 tonnes of gold over the coming years in order prepare for unfavourable scenarios.

Gold and silver traded only marginally higher on Wednesday, while platinum prices traded significantly higher and thus offsetting the losses from the beginning of the week.

The rally in crypto markets and Bitcoin in particular continued with the biggest crypto by market cap trading at times above $55k, while Ethereum was above $3.6k for the first time in more than two weeks. The rising BTC dominance now estimated above 43% showcases that Bitcoin is leading the rally among the major coins. A blowout performance in the Shiba Inu coin over the past days however pushed its price on a weekly basis up by more than 300%, roughly ten times more than the gains in Bitcoin.

While major U.S. market indices benefitted from advanced the discussions among lawmakers to raise the debt ceiling, major indices in other…


21Shares Reaches Record $2 Billion in Assets Under

21Shares AG (“21Shares”), the world’s largest issuer of cryptocurrency ETPs, today announced it has reached its highest level of assets under management (AUM) to date at $2 billion, due to increasing interest from institutional investors and strong inflows from 21Shares Solana ETP (ticker: ASOL SE). Additionally, the firm’s rapidly expanding team has quadrupled from 20 – 80 professionals in less than a year to help drive the strategic growth.

Hany Rashwan, Co-Founder and CEO of 21Shares said, “We’ve been extremely fortunate to have our business strategy – including our people and product plans – align with market activity to create such unprecedented opportunities. We look forward to continuing to expand and update on our progress over the next few months.”

Recently ASOL SE reached the key milestone of $100M in AUM since launching as the world’s first and only Solana ETP on the regulated market of the Swiss stock exchange (SIX Exchange) on June 30, 2021. ASOL SE has grown faster than any of 21Shares other exchange-traded products (ETPs) according to Bloomberg Data. 21Shares successfully tapped into Solana’s potential based on its…


How the 2 Crypto Giants Stack Up

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are both crypto colossi — one was the first digital currency, and the other was the first crypto to launch the all-important smart contract. They are the top two cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, and tend to be the yardsticks against which all other cryptos are measured. Here’s how the two coins compare.

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Bitcoin vs. Ethereum basics

As you can see from the table below, Ethereum is a babe in arms compared to big brother Bitcoin — it has only been on the market since 2015. It’s not surprising then, that Bitcoin’s market capitalization is more than double Ethereum’s. Though Ethereum’s price has grown more dramatically this year.

What Bitcoin…


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