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Once a bitcoin miner: A peek inside the early days of cryptocurrency

The world of cryptocurrency is puffed with opportunity and potential, yet murky, harsh and unpredictable

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Amid the 2017 bitcoin boom, one man in Calgary rises to riches. But how everything ended in scandal is a story bigger than itself. The following is adapted from Ethan Lou’s new book, Once a Bitcoin Miner: Scandal and Turmoil in the Cryptocurrency Wild West.


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Almost an hour into the meeting, I heard Jan Cerato say from the back, “I’ll give $100 in bitcoin to everyone right now!”

Heads turned, and all eyes were on Cerato, the bald, bespectacled cryptocurrency promoter in the slogan T-shirt and baseball cap.

There were about 20 people in that Calgary boardroom that day in the spring of 2018 discussing an upcoming conference, the Bitcoin Rodeo. I couldn’t get a seat at the table, and Cerato, who arrived later than me, had to stand. On hearing his offer, the room surveyed him, perhaps as they would modern art that they didn’t understand. Then they went back to their conversation.

But afterward, people swarmed Cerato like hungry children. At one point, he had to add a caveat: he would only give bitcoin to people who had not owned cryptocurrency before. I can’t remember what exactly he exclaimed after each transaction, and it seems neither can any others. Their recollections include, “Yahoo!” “Booyah!” and “Woohoo!” But there is no question Cerato shouted something to express his excitement each time he gave bitcoin away, as he raised a fist into the air amid all the eyes…


Billionaire investor David Tepper warns against going all in on stocks, slams bonds, and hints crypto may be a bubble in a new interview. Here are the 8 best quotes.

David Tepper.

  • David Tepper sees limited value in stocks and bonds in the current market.
  • The Appaloosa Management boss is concerned about inflation, interest rates, and stimulus.
  • Tepper views crypto as a store of value like gold, but suggested it may be in a bubble.

David Tepper questioned the appeal of stocks and bonds, compared cryptocurrencies to gold, and laid out his economic concerns in a recent CNBC interview.

The billionaire investor and Appaloosa Management chief also warned against buying high-yield bonds, advised investors to hold stocks for the long term, and hinted the ongoing crypto boom may be a bubble.

Here are Tepper’s 8 best quotes from the interview, lightly edited and condensed for clarity:

1. “I don’t think there are any great asset classes right now. I don’t love stocks, I don’t love bonds, I don’t love junk bonds. Nothing looks that great.”

2. “You stay invested in the stock market to a certain extent. You don’t have your highest concentration that you’d ever have, but you continue some investment. I don’t think we’re in the sort of market where you have to worry and say, ‘I’m gonna get out no matter what, and I wanna go short the market.'” – Tepper’s advice to investors.

3. “If you do have higher interest rates, you can’t love the stock market as a trade necessarily. On the other hand, if bonds stay in the 1.6% range, the stock market will probably go up in the short term. It seems so stupid to invest in bonds at 1.6%.” – referring to the 10-year US Treasury note.

4. “You have to pay taxes on gains. So if I like stocks for the long term, I don’t necessarily want to sell them. That doesn’t mean I haven’t taken down my exposure. It doesn’t mean I don’t have Nasdaq futures that I’m short in some way. My exposure’s not high right now, but I still am exposed to stocks. People should be exposed to stocks for the long run.”

5. “I don’t love the market in the…


Articles by Tomas Pueyo – Bitcoin Magazine: Bitcoin News, Articles, Charts, and Guides

Tomas Pueyo is the author of Uncharted Territories, a newsletter that analyzes the biggest problems of our future. Subscribe here.

He became famous worldwide after publishing several high-profile articles on Medium and The New York Times, viewed by over 60 million people and translated into over 40 languages, such as “Why You Must Act Now.” His strategy of “The Hammer a=And The Dance” has been followed by governments around the world, and publicly endorsed by countries such as Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Japan, Bulgaria, Costa Rica and others.

Before Uncharted Territories, Tomas worked for over a decade in Silicon Valley, creating and growing products used by hundreds of millions of people. He has an MBA from Stanford and two MSc in engineering.


Fidenza Artist Sells $7M in NFTs That Aren’t Yet Minted

Key Takeaways

  • Fidenza artist Tyler Hobbs has sold $7 million worth of “Golden Tokens,” which serve as claims on yet-to-be-minted generative art NFTs.
  • The artwork will be minted at a “minting event” in New York City this December.
  • Buyers must be physically present at the event to redeem their NFTs.

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Fidenza artist Tyler Hobbs has sold $7M worth of digital art that is not scheduled to exist until December. Even then, buyers will have to be physically present to redeem their artwork.

“The Forms of Things Unknown”

Tyler Hobbs, the artist behind Fidenza, has raised over $7 million by selling “Golden Tokens,” or NFTs redeemable for art that does not exist. Yet. 

The sale is part of Incomplete Control,  Hobbs’ new generative art project through Art Blocks. Art Blocks is a carefully curated NFT marketplace through which users can purchase “iterations” of an artist’s work, each of which is minted as a new ERC-721 non-fungible token at the time of purchase. Each new NFT contains unique “seed” variables in its generative script that control outputs such as color, height, depth, and so on. In other words, the unique piece of art the user is purchasing does not actually exist until it is already purchased, at which point is generated and sent to the buyer’s wallet. 

50 of Hobb’s new NFTs will be minted at an in-person “minting event” at Bright Moments Gallery in New York City from Dec. 9 – 12, 2021. Holders of Golden Tokens must be present at this event in order to redeem their tokens for the new artwork. While there will be 100 Golden Tokens total, only 50 Golden Tokens were sold in today’s Dutch auction.

Each Token auction lasted 90 minutes, and the price decreased every five minutes, descending from a price of 500 ETH down to 5 ETH. The first and second Golden Tokens each sold for 80 ETH, while the third and fourth sold for 70 and 40 ETH, respectively. The rest sold at either 35 ETH or 30 ETH. 


Cher Sues Mary Bono for $1 Million Over Missing Royalties | Foster Garvey PC

Endorsement Deals, Sponsorships & Investments

Celebrity Crypto Endorsers Like Kim Kardashian Spark Concern for Unwary Investors
October 20, 2021 via – Tech News
Celebrities, including reality TV star Kim Kardashian West and Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk, are touting cryptocurrency products, leading to worries that such endorsements could harm vulnerable investors.

Former NBA Star Dwyane Wade Joins UC Davis Wine Program’s Leadership Board
October 20, 2021 via Biz Journal – Southwest News (subscription may be required)
Former NBA star Dwyane Wade is among the new members of University of California Davis’ Department of Viticulture and Enology executive leadership board, the university announced Tuesday, October 19th. His role will focus on recruitment, especially of younger people who are underrepresented minorities.

Mariah Carey Backs Bitcoin in a New Partnership With the Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini Crypto Exchange
October 20, 2021 via Business Insider – India
Mariah Carey is joining the legion of celebrity influencers supporting Bitcoin. She is encouraging her followers to get on the Winklevoss twins crypto exchange Gemini, and buy Bitcoin.

Worldwide Sports Nutrition & Supplement Industry to 2026 – Increasing Influence of Organic Sport Nutrition Presents Opportunities
October 20, 2021 via GlobeNewswire – Top Stories
The Global Sports Nutrition & Supplement Market size was estimated at USD 19.63 billion in 2020, is expected to reach USD 21.40 billion in 2021, and projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.34 percent reaching USD 33.56 billion by 2026.

Alpecin Joined Hands With Three Chinese Olympic Champions: Lv Xiaojun, Zou Shiming and Zou Kai for Strong Joint Endorsements
October 19, 2021 via PR Newswire – News Releases
Alpecin, the German anti-hair loss haircare brand under Dr. Wolff Group with more than 100 years history, has just announced their joint endorsements with the three Chinese Olympic champions: Lv Xiaojun, Zou Shiming and Zou Kai.

Adele, Inc: Why the Music…


Is AUCTION a good buy opportunity after a recent sell-off?

AUCTION/USD remains under pressure; the price of this cryptocurrency fell from $65 below $45 in less than several hours. Technically looking, the risk of further decline still persists, and if you decide to buy this cryptocurrency at the current price, you should use a “stop-loss” order because the risk remains high.

Decentralized platform for auctions

AUCTION is a token that powers a decentralized auction platform Bounce by supporting incentives on the protocol while it also provides benefits and governance rights for holders.

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Bounce allows you to connect, trade, build, and collect all kinds of assets, tokens, and NFTs across multiple blockchains and participate in decentralized auctions.

The assets can be auctioned in several ways, but the most popular is at a fixed price (fixed swap auction), decreasing price (Dutch auction), or hidden price (sealed-bid auction).

Bounce provides a competitive environment for a limited supply of tokens or other assets, and it is important to say that the Bounce web app is available for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain-based assets.

Bounce platform offers you multi-wallet support, and it works with the most commonly used cryptocurrency wallets, such as Coinbase Wallet, Binance Chain wallet, WalletConnect, Trezor, Ledger, and MetaMask.

The popularity of this project is growing, and according to the latest news, Bounce announced a strategic partnership with NFTb, the Complete Multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform for Communities. The marketing team of Bounce reported:

Bounce has been investing a great deal of its development power in NFT for the entire bull, and we have launched Fangible as a sub-brand of Bounce exclusively focusing on NFT. We believe that together with NFTb, Bounce will deliver even more exciting functions and real benefits to the entire crypto…


The New Bitcoin ETF Is Great News for Crypto

This was a huge week for crypto. Especially for bitcoin.

On Wednesday, a new bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) debuted. It’s called ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (NYSE: BITO).

Now, technically, this is a bitcoin futures ETF. This means that rather than buying bitcoin outright, the fund invests in futures contracts.

Regardless, investors were excited. The ETF saw a billion dollars of trading on the first day, which was the second highest of all time. So, you can see there’s a ton of optimism floating around.

And there should be. This is a truly exciting development for crypto.

In fact, it’s a bigger deal than most people realize. It means regulators are finally loosening up on cryptocurrencies. And that means there’s more demand and money coming.

I go into all the details in today’s Market Insights video. (I also discuss whether it’s better to buy the ETF or bitcoin itself.)

(If you’d prefer to read a transcript, click here.)


Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in to this week’s edition of Market Insights. I’m Steve Fernandez.

Today’s topic I’m going to cover is the bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) that just launched in the U.S. It just started trading on Wednesday, so it’s pretty timely. I don’t want to talk so much about the ETF or even the mechanics behind it, but more so about why you should be excited about this event, why I’m excited and what this really means for the crypto market moving forward.

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Info on the New Bitcoin ETF

So, the ETF that launched is not actually a bitcoin ETF. It’s actually a bitcoin futures ETF. It’s called the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF, symbol BITO. Because it invests in bitcoin futures, it may not directly impact the price of bitcoin.



Is cryptocurrency bad for climate?

Instead of rejecting cryptocurrency because of climate concerns, the focus going forward should be making the industry greener and using renewable energy

Interest in cryptocurrency has recently skyrocketed, with the number of people adopting it surging to 221 million globally as of June this year. Cryptocurrency users doubled in the first half of this year. Factors like the spike in prices, recognition and support of crypto-related transactions and services, and approval of governments across the world have contributed to this rise in interest.

A cryptocurrency is a form of decentralized digital currency with transactions secured by cryptography. The validity of cryptocurrency is provided by a blockchain, which is a digital ledger of transactions. Records of new transactions are added to the blocks, which are chained together. 

Bitcoin is the first and most famous cryptocurrency to have used blockchain. Following its success, several alternative cryptocurrencies called Altcoins were launched, deriving from Bitcoin. Altcoins address and improve upon shortcomings of Bitcoin such as price volatility, high energy consumption, and the time required to make new transactions. 

As of March 2021, nearly 9,000 cryptocurrencies have emerged, with altcoins accounting for 40% of the total cryptocurrency mark, according to Coinmarketcap which tracks the cryptocurrency market actions. Ethereum is the most popular altcoin, reportedly being the most used blockchain in 2020, mainly owing to having one of the most sophisticated blockchain platforms. However, Bitcoin remains the most widely accepted cryptocurrency, with many large companies now adopting it as a form of payment.

Bangladesh’s stance on cryptocurrency

Bangladesh Bank does not recognize cryptocurrency as a legal means of trade or transactions and consider it a violation of the Money Laundering Prevention Act, 2012. Only eight other countries have banned cryptocurrency, whereas nine others, including Russia and China,…


Dow Jones Rises As Tesla Stock Hits Record Highs; Donald Trump SPAC Soars 284%

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 140 points Friday, as Intel (INTC) and Snap (SNAP) took a dive on earnings. Former President Donald Trump-linked SPAC Digital World Acquisition (DWAC) soared as much as 284% in morning trade before being halted. Tesla stock hit record highs Friday morning.


Among the Dow Jones leaders, Apple (AAPL) rose 0.4% Friday, while Microsoft (MSFT) moved down 0.2% in today’s stock market. American Express (AXP), Goldman Sachs (GS) and JPMorgan Chase (JPM) eyed new buy points in the current rally.

Dow Jones stock Intel — along with Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) and Snap — reported earnings after the close Thursday.

Tesla (TSLA) rose 0.8% Friday morning following Thursday’s earnings-fueled advance. Shares are at new highs.

Among the top stocks to buy and watch, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), Argo Blockchain (ARBK), Dutch Bros (BROS) and Olaplex (OLPX) are in or near new buy zones.

Microsoft, Olaplex and Tesla are IBD Leaderboard stocks. AMD was featured in this week’s Stocks Near A Buy Zone story. Argo Blockchain featured in this week’s IPO Leaders column.

Dow Jones Today

After the stock market open, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.4%, while the S&P 500 moved up 0.1%. The tech-heavy Nasdaq composite lost 0.4% in morning trade.

Among exchange-traded funds, Innovator IBD 50 (FFTY) dropped 0.8% Friday. The Nasdaq 100 tracker Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ) fell 0.2%. And the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) ascended 0.1%.

Stock Market ETF Strategy And How To Invest

Stock Market Rally

The stock market rally put in a solid performance Thursday, as the S&P 500 hit a record high and marked its seventh straight gain. The Nasdaq easily recovered from Wednesday’s small loss and made its highest close since Sept. 9.

Following last week’s significant market strength, this is an important time to read The Big Picture.

On Thursday, The Big Picture commented, “Investors should be adding exposure to new breakouts in top growth stocks. But stay…


 Wolters Kluwer and NYDIG Collaborate to Bolster Financial Institutions’ Bitcoin Programs

MINNEAPOLIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions and NYDIG, a leading provider of Bitcoin platform solutions, have reached an agreement where Wolters Kluwer will serve as an exclusive preferred vendor to interested financial institutions seeking assistance in meeting their regulatory and compliance obligations while exploring and implementing services for bitcoin programs. Wolters Kluwer is positioned to provide regulatory compliance solutions and services that range from a deposit disclosure program to regulatory risk assessments for institutions looking to offer their customers access to bitcoin services provided by NYDIG.

This collaboration grants Wolters Kluwer rights as the exclusive provider of Bitcoin Deposit Disclosure Program-NYDIG Accounts of those financial institutions seeking deposit documents when their clients open a NYDIG account.

The Bitcoin Deposit Disclosure Program delivers compliant content necessary for U.S. banks and credit unions to compliantly offer NYDIG’s bitcoin program. By leveraging the NYDIG platform with Wolters Kluwer compliant content, U.S. banks and credit unions gain confidence to meet the growing mainstream interest in bitcoin to retain and grow their customer base and increase non-interest income opportunities.

“We are excited to work with an innovative financial technology firm like NYDIG to help support their growth while operating in a safe, secure and compliant manner,” said Steve Meirink, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions. “With regulatory scrutiny and oversight anticipated well into the future, our robust team of legal and compliance experts will continue to monitor and update our compliance content. Financial institutions working with NYDIG will benefit from this collaboration, providing them the confidence to know that their disclosures are compliant and meet their regulatory obligations.”

“This important relationship…


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