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Nigeria Launches CBDC Amid Efforts To Tighten Grip Over Crypto Market

Screenshots of the eNaira Speed Wallet. Source: A screenshot,, edited by

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari should launch a central bank digital currency (CBDC) today to enhance the operations of the country’s payments system.

“Following [a] series of engagements with relevant stakeholders including the banking community, fintech operators, merchants and indeed, a cross section of Nigerians, the CBN designed the digital currency,” the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) said.

According to the bank, the project will continue “with a series of further modifications, capabilities and enhancements to the platforms.”

The eNaira website went live on September 30, one day ahead of its official launch that was previously scheduled for October 1.

The CBN is promoting the new CBDC with the slogan: “Same Naira, more possibilities”.

Observers say the development could be part of efforts by the Nigerian authorities to use the eNaira project to counter the growing popularity of crypto among the country’s population.

Last August, digital asset research firm Arcane Research noted in an analysis that, as crypto adoption is on a growing trend in Nigeria, the country’s government is striving “to dampen the adoption of bitcoin (BTC), in part motivated by the desire to freeze out protesters from the EndSars movement from receiving funding to finance their operations.” 

“However, unsurprisingly, stopping a globally traded censorship-resistant alternative to the Naira was harder than anticipated. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and Nigerian citizens have been avid users of the Peer-to-Peer markets. This has now led Sub-Saharan Africa to become the largest region in terms of trading volume in the Peer-to-Peer markets globally,” according to the firm.

A recent report by blockchain analysis company Chainalysis ranked Nigeria as the sixth country in the Global Crypto Adoption…


Shiba Inu coin surges on rumors that it would be listed on Robinhood

The Shiba Inu cryptocurrency meme coin is trading at all-time highs, even after Tesla CEO and dog-related crypto enthusiast Elon Musk announced on Sunday that he does not own any of the world’s second-largest dog-related coin.  

On Sunday, the price of Shiba Inu coin, which trades as SHIB, skyrocketed to a peak $0.000044, over 50% higher than its price on Saturday. Shiba Inu dropped 10% to trade at $0.000040 as of Monday. Before this weekend, SHIB had never traded above $0.000035.

The Shiba Inu coin is now the 11th-largest crypto token by market cap, valued at an estimated $20.3 billion, roughly the same as U.S. cereal giant Kellogg’s. Dogecoin, the world’s largest dog-related meme coin, is the ninth-largest crypto token, with a $35 billion valuation, according to crypto data aggregator CoinGecko, or nearly equivalent to the market cap of technology firm HP.

The 10% drop in Shiba Inu’s price on Monday is due, at least in part, to Musk’s Twitter activity on Sunday. A Twitter user with the handle @ShibaInuHodler asked Musk how much SHIB he held. Musk replied “none.”

He later tweeted that crypto users should beware of investing their entire savings into meme coins like SHIB or the Floki Inu coin, an asset inspired by Musk’s decision to name his real-life Shiba Inu puppy Floki.

“Don’t bet the farm on crypto!” Musk wrote on Twitter. “True value is building products & providing services to your fellow human beings, not money in any form.”

That Shiba Inu is still trading higher than its pre-surge price may reflect that Musk’s power over the dog-related coin markets may be fading. In early October, a single Musk tweet about his new puppy helped spark a 400% rise in Shiba Inu coin’s price.

The recent surge in SHIB instead appears related to unconfirmed rumors that the coin will soon be listed on the popular stock trading app Robinhood.

Coinmomo, a website that claims to provide a “fundamental…


Ukraine Intends to Become World’s Top Notch Cryptocurrency Jurisdiction

Ukraine Intends to Become World’s Top Notch Cryptocurrency Jurisdiction
October 25, 2021
October 25, 2021

Kelly Cromley

Ukraine wants to build a top crypto jurisdiction, not the Wild West | Fortune


OFAC Imposes Sanctions On Crypto Exchange Over Ransomware Payments, Warns Businesses On Sanction Risks – Technology

United States:

OFAC Imposes Sanctions On Crypto Exchange Over Ransomware Payments, Warns Businesses On Sanction Risks

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On September 21, 2021, the US Department of the Treasury announced that
it would enforce sanctions laws against cryptocurrency exchanges
that facilitate ransomware payments, as part of the
Department’s larger effort to combat the rising tide of
ransomware. Ransomware attacks have rapidly increased in scale,
sophistication, and frequency: in 2020, ransomware payments reached
more than $400 million and were made almost exclusively in
cryptocurrency. The recent Colonial
Pipeline ransomware attack—which led to substantial
disruption in US fuel supply—underscores the emerging nature
of threats from cybersecurity attacks. Virtual currency exchanges
are critical nodes in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and recent
Treasury actions focus on such exchanges as a way to combat
ransomware attacks.

For the first time, Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets
Control (OFAC) has imposed sanctions on a virtual currency
exchange, SUEX OTC, S.R.O. (SUEX), for its…


MAKSYM BLAZHKUN – The Person Who Managed to Overcome Difficulties and Make the Way to the Top

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Maksym Blazhkun can be fairly considered a person who achieved incredible success in many life business areas. He is an outstanding example for both inexperienced newbies and professionals in the business world. Being persevering and considerate, today, he has become a qualified expert in the spheres of business, finance, and IT technologies. Maksym believes that only undertaking risks and going forward where others stop enable businessmen to get to the top and make the desired profit.

Who Maksym Blazhkun Is and How He Became a World-class Top Manager 

The motherland of Maksym Blazhkun is Ukraine, a beautiful city of Khmelnytskyi. The future legend was born on April 18, 1986, and spent all his childhood in the native city. After school graduation, Maksym has obtained several higher educations – theological, economic, and legal. Formal education would not have resulted in high achievements if Maksym had not dedicated a lot of time to self-development. This was quite reasonable as you cannot educate people, make their lives easier without having the necessary knowledge inside your head. It is impossible to achieve success without two crucial things – development and constant onward movement. 

Maksym was not afraid of trying to realize his innovative projects not only in Ukraine but also abroad. He is internationally recognized as the manager of many prolific start-ups in the USA and Europe. Being focused on constant movement forward, he has never left his close people behind. Quite the opposite, he admits that a great contribution to his international recognition was made by his family who supported him along his way. His wife, Tatyana, gave him the powers and confidence to bring to life his first business ideas. Of course, relationships cannot be always smooth and cloudless as all of us face difficulties and misunderstandings. The encountered financial and moral issues served as an indicator of possible huge family disorders. That’s why the…


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