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Clark Foundation President Jane Forbes Clark announced recently that the board of directors approved first-year college scholarship grants to nearly 200 area students, totaling $752,400.

According to a media release, students receive Clark Foundation Scholarships based on academic achievement, citizenship qualities and service to their communities and schools.

Nearly 700 already-enrolled college students will be eligible for renewal of Clark Foundation grants for the next academic year.

The Foundation anticipates providing more than $4.1 million in scholarships for the coming year.

Nearly 15,000 students have participated in the program since its inception in 1961.

A list of recipients of initial grants for the 2022-23 academic year follows.


Ryder James Albano, Sydney Nicole Asher, Lacie Estelle Bolster, Aleigha Rae Brockway, Caeleigh Leona Craft, Jesse Michael Fink, Daniel Cormac Gallagher, Sophie Lynn Gilmore, Michael Lee Griffioen, Olivia Ana Lerma, Ethan Lichtman, Marley Waite Lippitt, Howard Henry Michaels, Kerri Anne Moore, Gabriel Hunter Oakley, Gabriella Marie Ragozzine, Hannah Shae Rathbone, Jillian Allise Rozelle, James Jan Sasso, Riley David Stevens, Ella Brooke Taylor, Gabriella Vyona Terrano, Eliana Marie Torres and Keaton Allan Winsor.

Cherry Valley-Springfield Central School

Arianna Leigh Bresee-Kelsey, Vanessa Lois Erkson, Kyle France, Madison Lynn Hastings, Dylan George Huff, Marijke Erin Kroon, Joseph R. Pressly, Madisyn Danyel Reyome, Alyssa Rockwell, Jack Riley Seeley, Camilla Tabor, Gavin Xavier Valenta, Cynthia Lynn Viscosi and Oskar Fognell Webster.

Cooperstown Central School

Rylie Elizabeth Austin, Meah Charlee Boyles, Devin James Brengel, Dillon James Burns, Jessica Nicole Cocivi, Grant John Fuqua Crowson, Emily Michelle Dibble, Brennan Gabriel Donahue, Sarah Nicole Feik, Hartland Cecilia…


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