Collaborative 3D Enhances Industrial Design

From creating cars and footwear to imaging experiential new worlds inside the metaverse, product and software design teams have long operated using 2D tools, and without an effective form of online collaboration for distributed design teams doing this work.

That’s made industrial design expensive and cumbersome, putting prototyping beyond the reach of some and making the process time-consuming and costly for designers and brands.

Among industries that advanced 3D design, automotive took an early lead, with vast display rooms outfitted with custom projector arrays. No wonder automotive was the first major client of Gravity Sketch, where co-founder and Chief Experience Officer (CXO) Daniela Paredes Fuentes said digital is making collaborative 3D design intuitive and affordable.

Confronted with a pandemic-era problem of not being able to work in a lab setting together is has kindled broader interest in a design platform not limited by old ways of doing things.

“It’s essentially allowing people to have a video call, like a Zoom call, but … if you’re creating three-dimensional objects and talking about three-dimensional objects, you always had to be in the same room. With the pandemic it wasn’t possible. Companies had to figure how to make their teams continue to be productive. Gravity Sketch … allowed them to do that.”

She said, “When we began, we weren’t really interested in making this massive tech company that was going to make millions.” It actually started out as a master’s degree project.

“Our interest was to figure out how to enable people to create and communicate in the most intuitive way, full stop. We started connecting very early on with people in the community that were looking for the same thing. We want to communicate in an easier way, and working spatially has always been the dream.”

It’s a dream shared by design teams inside Gravity Sketch’s A-list clients including Adidas, Ford, Reebok and Volkswagen, which led to…


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