Cryptos on the rise 2022


The Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) and the central bank have publicly declared that bitcoin is legal but not an official form of payment or legal tender. From a tax perspective they are viewed as an asset, not a currency or cash.

The FSA has warned[106] of the risks associated with cryptos and investment products with cryptos as underlying assets such as exchange-traded products (ETPs). Sweden has imposed registration requirements that mean custodians, wallet providers and exchanges must comply with the Swedish Currency Exchange Act. The act requires certain types of financial institutions (which are otherwise largely unregulated and unsupervised) to comply with AML provisions.

The scope of the Currency Exchange Act now includes custodian wallet providers and providers of virtual currency exchange services in accordance with the implementation of AMLD5.

Mining activities are not regulated under Swedish law. There are no licensing or registration requirements specifically applicable to virtual currency mining activities.

Sweden’s Central Bank, the Riksbanken, has been a leader in developing a CBDC, the e-krona.

Swedish income tax…


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