Crypto’s wild ride in 2021

On its face, 2021 might not have seemed like the year cryptocurrency got serious.

After all, we had Elon Musk sending Dogecoin (a digital currency originally created as a joke) on a roller coaster ride with his tweets and competing memes about which TV cast, “The Sopranos” or “The Office,” would be more savvy crypto investors.

Yet amid the hysteria (and hilarity), this was the year cryptocurrency started taking big steps toward the mainstream.

In February, Bank of New York Mellon became the first global bank to begin helping clients hold, transfer and issue digital currencies. Tesla started (then stopped) accepting Bitcoin as payment for its electric cars. And Gemini — a platform for all things crypto — teamed up with Mastercard to create a credit card that provides cryptocurrency as real-time rewards.

There are warning signs, with regulators taking a closer look at crypto and plenty of market watchers warning of a bubble.

But this may just be the start of the concepts that underpin this technology. What more traditional institutions are discovering is that crypto’s potential may not lie so much in the coins themselves, but in blockchain, the underlying…


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