Cryptovoxels Is Rebranding to Voxels – Press release Bitcoin News

PRESS RELEASE. Cryptovoxels, one of the most significant players in the metaverse space, is rebranding to Voxels. The rebrand will happen on May 3rd at 8pm EDT (May 4th at noon New Zealand time).

One of Web 3’s most popular communities, Cryptovoxels is a metaverse on the Ethereum blockchain where players can own land, and build and develop online experiences. The user-owned virtual world already hosts a number of art galleries, stores, and party spaces.

Far from a mere name change, the rebranding to Voxels represents a pivot to a wider-spread audience that caters to those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency for the New Zealand-based platform. Web 3 promises a whole new internet experience and the metaverse stands at the epicenter of that promise.

As interest in the metaverse expands, it is attracting the attention of more and more mainstream brands, companies, and sectors. With the rapid growth of metaverse platforms, Cryptovoxels is broadening its user base horizon from those familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to a more mainstream audience.

As Founder Ben Nolan explained, “Cryptovoxels was founded on April 1st, 2018, before NFTs hit the mainstream. We are honored to have released around the same time as Cryptopunks and Cryptokitties. The word “crypto” can have a negative connotation in the public’s mind, and yet the future of decentralization is bright and we believe in user sovereignty. Cryptovoxels is Voxels. We are rebranding to match our focus of embracing the growth and culturel of Web 3.0.”

The Rationale Behind the Rebrand

Cryptovoxels has already established itself as a prominent metaverse in the ecosystem. According to data from MetaCat, Cryptovoxels ranks fifth in terms of parcel sales volume ($38MM) and total parcels sold. The platform is regularly ranked just behind Decentraland and The Sandbox in terms of its popularity and user base.

Cryptovoxels land is more scarce than that of its competitors, allows users to build on free spaces and submit wearables to public collections for free, and is also mobile-friendly.

Leveraging its position as a leading metaverse in the market, Cryptovoxels – soon to be Voxels – intends to broaden the benefits of Web 3 to Web 2 users, non-crypto users, and to accommodate the growing interest in the metaverse among corporations and brands.

Voxels will retain the indie feel of Cryptovoxels while pursuing further growth and development. With the metaverse…


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