Decentralized NFT-Fi Platform SOLARR Raises $2M to Accelerate NFT Utility and Accessibility

Decentralized NFT-Fi Platform SOLARR Raises $2M to Accelerate NFT Utility and Accessibility

SOLARR, a one-stop decentralized platform for liquifying NFTs, has raised $2 million in a seed funding round led by ecosystem investors, All In Ventures Fund, JY Cap, MD2 Digital, crypto investors, and high-net-worth professional investors.

Headed by ex-investment banking and tech executives from Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse, J.P. Morgan, Microsoft, Opera, and leading blockchain application and digital asset trading platforms, the SOLARR project is preparing to launch its beta application ahead of its highly anticipated public sale.

SOLARR aims to accelerate the world’s transition into the decentralized digital economy by launching a ground-breaking platform where NFT-based liquifying products and services can infuse utility into and unlock the liquidity of NFTs, enabling widespread adoption beyond the crypto space.

SOLARR Square – a curated NFT Marketplace with a branded store shopping experience.

Pioneering the Next Generation of Utility NFTs

The current NFT landscape is not without challenges.  The fragmentations between hundreds of marketplaces, platforms, and creators, combined with operational complexities, make access for the masses difficult, cumbersome, and expensive. On top of that, difficulties in price discovery make NFTs highly illiquid, volatile, and capital inefficient. Moreover, most NFTs also have limited utility, with only internal utility but lacking real-world utility and use cases.

SOLARR aims to solve these challenges and usher in the next generation of utility NFTs by empowering digital asset owners, creators, and brands with decentralized NFT-based liquifying tools that remove centralized barriers. It offers a one-stop, secure, versatile, and multi-chain ecosystem for users to compose, customize, and embed utilities into NFTs. The platform is also ultimately a bridge for users to create new digital assets in the metaverse virtual…


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