‘Degens’ and sporting powers meet at Web3 festival

I first heard the term ‘degen’ when I fell into online poker. It’s short for ‘degenerate’, but some younger players, with cynicism and irony sharpened by a lifetime of unrestricted internet access, wear ‘degen’ with sense of pride. Degens put in the time. They commit themselves to the cause, even when it costs them. Regular players might gloat about their big hands. Broadcasting the bad beats and major losses? Trading the financial hit for community clout? That’s the mark of a true degen.

Although I was a habitual player, spending late nights and early mornings grinding on the micro-stakes tables, neither my pockets nor my skills were ever deep enough to truly reach degen status. I thought I left them behind when I finally logged off.

Then I attended NFT Fest — where major players in Australian business and commerce stood alongside self-described web3 degens.

Both parties professed their commitment to the NFT space. However, the shit-posting irony of the degens in attendance posed a stark contrast to the pragmatism offered by industry leaders.

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