Expedia stock down, Algorand scores FIFA partnership, Paramount+ gains subscribers

Shares of Expedia are down following mixed earnings, Algorand has become the first blockchain sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, and Paramount+ reported it gained 6.8 million new subscribers over the last quarter.

Video Transcript


RACHELLE AKUFFO: Welcome back, everyone. Dave, Seana, and I are kicking off our triple play now. I’m going to kick us off with my pick, which is Algorand, ticker symbol ALGO, which was developed by Turing-Award-winning MIT professor Sylvia McCauley.

Now, Algorand recently became the official blockchain platform– [GARBLED AUDIO]

–ahead of the World Cup coming up this year in–


–even got a bump on that news. You can see–


–10% there, up about 7%, just about almost 8% for the month.

Now, Algorand is going to be the official blockchain-supported wallet for the tournament. It’ll also help FIFA with its digital asset strategy. Now, FIFA in turn, will help with the advertising, media exposure, and promotional opportunities for Algorand.

FIFA president Gianni Infantino called it a clear indication of FIFA’s commitment to innovative channels for sustainable revenue growth for further reinvestment back into football, ensuring…

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