Feminism And Crypto: It’s Not Just For Men

Nowadays, everybody is trading and investing in crypto due to the rise of digital finance. But gender equality remains uneven as men dominate the market. So, how can crypto add to social change? See below what crypto has done for female empowerment.

Understand The Gender Gap

The stereotype is that finance is an industry for men and, while the representation would confirm that it is male-dominated, women are just as interested and capable. Wall Street, for instance, has long been dominated by men.

Not only are women not as curious about crypto but there are also not as many women working in the blockchain and crypto industries when compared to their male counterparts. Despite the percentage of women that have begun investing in cryptocurrency, there continue to be more men in the field.

According to Pew Research Centre, the number of men that invest in cryptocurrency is twice as high as the number of women. More so, 19% of women between 18 to 29 have expressed interest in crypto trading whereas the number for men is set at 43%, in the same age range.

Why Financial Equity Is Important

Despite the fight for gender equality with Bitcoin as it was initially built around encouraging financial equity, 75% of crypto holders are still men because most advances have not been successful.

The crypto sphere has begun to raise awareness and is seemingly breaking down inequality barriers such as gender, age, race, etc. As such, digital finance could benefit from more women in leadership positions not only behind crypto projects but also regarding big and small investors.

It is time that women take the lead as investors, decision-makers, and executives and start sharing the market as crypto is here to stay.

The Future Of Crypto Is Feminist

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