Gage Awards Positions Nigeria’s Digital Tech Industry For Greatness— Experts

Experts across Nigeria’s Adtech, Edtech, Healthtech, crypto, and insuretech industry have acknowledged the impact of the Gage Awards on Nigeria’s digital technology landscape, as well as how it repositions the industry for growth.

The Gage Awards which was launched with the aim of accelerating digitalisation by setting standards for growth, innovation, competition and attracting new talents to the digital space, has continued to celebrate and reward digital personalities and brands that have put Nigeria on a global platform.

The recently concluded edition, GAGE Awards 2022, featured a 2-day international technology exhibition that attracted exhibitors from the Fintech, Edutech, Agritech, Media and Advertising, as well as brands leveraging the digital technology to serve their audiences. It also featured a fireside chat with tech influencers, innovators, and policymakers to learn, share, and addressed critical issues in Nigeria’s technology industry.

Gandhi Anandan, MD Fast Moving Consumer Goods Distribution Ltd. said: “GAGE Awards is an exciting place to be because it is the start of something big. In terms of technology, Nigeria was a late starter, but now the country is catching up quickly with what’s happening all over the world, and I see opportunities such as the GAGE Awards, awarding people who are stalwarts, who are leaders in the industry, and recognizing them to be absolutely wonderful because it actually provides an avenue for people to say yes I can really flourish and develop myself on this.”

Dr. Krishnan Ranganath, Chief technology officer, Africa Data Centres said: “I think we really need to say a big thanks to GAGE Awards for how it has brought people together especially in the tech industry. We are not just GAGE-Ing people, our roller board is to recognize the people who are actually sponsoring the industry.
Strategically repositioning Nigeria’s tech landscape for growth, The…


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