Kurt Wuckert Jr. on Darntons podcast: The best tech always wins over time, and so will BSV

The best technology will always win over time, and with its massively scaling enterprise blockchain, so will Bitcoin SV, Kurt Wuckert Jr. believes. Speaking on the Darntons podcast, Kurt shared his thoughts on Satoshi’s vision and its restoration through Bitcoin SV, why BTC has failed, the house of cards that’s the Lightning Network, why micropayments matter, and why BSV continues to be attacked so viciously by the BTC faction and their cronies.

Kurt has been in Bitcoin since 2012 and has seen it gain wide appeal, witnessed Satoshi’s vision taken off the track into what BTC is today, backed the big blocks faction during the Bitcoin Civil War, and is today the chief Bitcoin historian at CoinGeek. He also runs GorillaPool, a BSV mining pool that today holds the world record for the biggest block mined by total data and transaction count, the most profitable block ever mined and the smallest output fee ever.

“Everything you can do, or can try to do, we’re doing at GorillaPool,” Kurt noted.

Kurt revealed he had attended BTC 2022 Miami, an event that has become the Mecca for the BTC faction. People like Max Keiser, Michael Saylor, and even Peter Thiel led the…

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