May cryptocurrency not destroy Nigeria, world economy

Most Nigerians are cynical about their country. So, I can hear most people asking if the country’s economy has not been destroyed already. Well, my message has always been that our nation is what we make of her. All those nice countries that we wish to migrate to are only better than Nigeria to the extent of their people’s sacrifices, vision, hard work, pragmatism, and perseverance, over a sustained period of time.

Nigerian youths must look away from the disappointing past, seize hold of their country in many ways and create the future that they deserve. Some of the tendencies we are seeing from the youths so far – get-rich-quick syndrome, practice of fetishism for money, easy crimes, predilection for wanton display of money, and excessive frolicking – does not portray any indication that they are willing to form into a critical mass large enough to shape their own future positively.

One may explain it away as product of frustration. But high unemployment and poverty is one thing, while playing football with money or dancing on it in drunken sprees to show ‘you have now made it’ is another and is only practiced in Nigeria. We must look inwards.

I write about the youths, partly because we live in the digital age, the crypto age. Everywhere I turn, the youths of Nigeria are being gaslighted with crypto. The rhetoric of the merchants of crypto taps not only into the need to be smart and modern, but also the need to be detached from the traditional economy… and by extension your country. The new age of finance says that you could live your life on the cloud, store your money in the clouds, or at best join a virtual group of bohemians who have created – or are creating – their own financial and economic rules. By extension, this also presupposes that the youth of today have less and less use for their country, and more and more resentment for that country in our own instance. The Naira means less and less to today’s youth, and so also does…


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