[Metaverse-III] Metaverse is transforming the smartphone generation paradigm

Im Byoung-min/Columnist

The Metaverse will transform the future of human beings as a whole. Concerts, meeting with friends, shopping, dining, education, etc. will bring great changes to people’s lives. Children born in the age of smartphones were given a smartphone when they were 2 years old and enjoyed alone. The smartphone he owns is a generation of smartphones who cry when they take it and have no way to stop crying unless they return the smartphone. 

They are now experiencing various Metaverse platforms such as Roblox, Geppetto, Minecraft, and Sendbox. They create avatars on their own within the Metaverse platform, apply their individuality to their avatars, and wander around the Metaverse world every day. The virtual area of the Minecraft world is about 3.6 billion square kilometers, which is about seven times the size of the Earth’s surface. 

It is the era of the Metaverse platform, when the generations that churn the Metaverse platform have about 200 million registered users on Zepeto and about 350 million registered users and about 10.6 billion cumulative users on Fortnite. There are about 8 million game developers on Roblox, and about 55 million…

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