Middle East has fully embraced BSV blockchain, Jimmy Nguyen tells CoinGeek Backstage

The Middle East has become a global leader in blockchain adoption, with governments in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and others investing heavily in the technology. With these governments more interested in what the technology can do and not speculative trading, the BSV enterprise blockchain has greatly resonated with most, and the region is becoming one of the most important BSV hubs. As BSV Blockchain Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen told CoinGeek Backstage, the BSV blockchain revolution in the Middle East is just getting started.

“Our entire mission with BSV is to grow a blockchain that scales massively and is used at a mass level for huge amounts of not just payments but data transactions,” Nguyen told CoinGeek’s Sarah Higgs.

This mission has matched perfectly with the Middle Eastern countries’ movement towards digitizing their economies, both in the public and private sectors. The governments have especially taken a keen interest, making it clear that they want to use blockchain at a national level, Nguyen said. The UAE, for instance, has set a goal of having 50% of all government transactions on-chain by 2030. 

“It marries well with our…

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