MoonXBT Marks One-year Anniversary with Diverse Products and Bigger Vision

“MoonXBT’s rapid development is a testament to the industry that the key to the growth of a new exchange is innovation. One year after its founding, MoonXBT has delivered innovations from multiple dimensions: products diversity, social trading features and now vision aimed at an ecosystem which encompasses some of the latest movements in the crypto space. Perhaps most importantly, along with the progress of MoonXBT, it has drawn users from all over the world to have formed an international community,” says George Lee, COO of MoonXBT.

One year is short yet also long. It takes a year for a new-born baby to start walking. For MoonXBT, the first year is also the time for it to shape what it is and find its footholds. Taking contract trading and copy trading as its first steps, MoonXBT has soon gained ground in areas such as Vietnam and Turkey. It is right now the top three crypto exchange in Vietnam and still rising. It also caused a big stir in Turkey where users are more sensitive to crypto novelties. It has gathered almost 200,000 users with the average daily trading volume reaching two to three hundred million usdt.

They say the sky’s the limit. But for MoonXBT, it seems the moon is not even the limit with its cultivated strength in the four aspects below.

Full-fledged product line powered by strong liquidity

MoonXBT started out offering only contract trading, now it is equipped with liquid contract, option, spot trading and OTC which cater to the different investment needs of the users in the crypto space.

But what differs all the above products of MoonXBT with its counterparts is liquidity. All the products on MoonXBT are powered by its strong ability for liquidation which is vital for smooth transactions. In the case of contract trading, MoonXBT’s liquid contract allows users to put at most five thousand usdt as margin and add 150 times leverage. Also, users’ orders can be filled in milliseconds due to strong liquidity to avoid market slippage.

MoonXBT’s spot…


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