My Avastars dolls can help you understand the metaverse – finally!

Meet “My Avastars,” a new collection of dolls available for presale Saturday that’s being hailed as the first-ever toy “born in the metaverse.” Why is this important? Because your 7-12-year-old’s about to know a whole lot more about the metaverse than you do.

Given that this still-fuzzy concept of a future that merges physical reality with the digital world is predicted to become an $800 billion market by 2024, the fact that a new $25 kids toy might explain it better than anything we’ve seen so far is pretty darn interesting, too.

But how do you marry the world of physical toys – or any physical retail item– with ethereal objects that don’t exist outside of a digital game world? By making both – of course – at the same time.

Welcome to the future, where a new gold rush is just getting started … with your kids.

The metaverse is calling:  Are we ready? 

There are three different versions at launch in the $25 “standard pack.” Out of the box, you’ll find the basic form of your choice: green-haired Dreamer_3.0 (left)., the. pink-haired KawaiiPie^^, and A_VibeThng, names that match players displayed in Roblox.

My Avastars

My Avastars is a first-of-its-kind…


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