NFT.NYC Producer Says Trading Most Boring Part of the Ecosystem

  • A fourth annual NFT (non-fungible token) event featuring 1,500 speakers will take place next week across seven venues in New York City
  • “We don’t allow people to come and talk about crypto because we don’t want that,” the event producer told Blockworks

NFT.NYC is an annual conference aiming to thrust new projects into the spotlight by providing a stage for speakers from various domains and disciplines.

This year’s event takes place on June 20-23 across seven venues in New York City. General admission tickets are priced at $849, while VIP Access costs $1,999.

Slumping cryptocurrency prices in recent weeks appear to have sparked renewed interest in snapping up NFTs at a bargain price. Trade volumes for some of the most popular collections surged earlier this month following a broad market selloff, which pushed some floor prices down 30% in US dollar value.

Despite sinking valuations, Twitter is abuzz with NFT cheerleaders calling on each other to attend NFT.NYC. While 70% of the event’s attendees are expected to come from the US alone, 30% will be from 80 other countries,…


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