‘Obviously I don’t think women are any less intelligent than men,’ crypto exchange Kraken CEO says, after New York Times report said he called American women ‘brainwashed’

Jesse Powell, co-founder and chief executive at crypto exchange Kraken, has responded to a recent New York Times article that said he started a “culture war” within the company as he questioned the use of preferred pronouns, debated who could use racial slurs and called American women “brainwashed.”

The controversy swirled as major cryptocurrencies crashed, while several crypto companies announced layoff plans.

“The woke activist movement just ignores the fact that we have a business to run, and we have a bigger mission than somebody’s individual personal preferences being met,” Powell said in an interview with Fox Business Friday. 

“The New York Times hit piece completely cherry-picked little snippets of text out of weeks’ worth of conversations and reconstructed their own sentences in this hit piece. A complete misrepresentation of what actually happened. Obviously I don’t think women are any less intelligent than men,” Powell said in a separate interview with Fox News on the same day. 

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Powell, in an April discussion in one of the company’s internal Slack groups, said that the debate over women’s mental abilities was unsettled, and “most American ladies have been brainwashed in modern times.” 

Powell made the comments after a Kraken employee in the Slack group posted a video, which featured two women who said they preferred $100 in cash over a bitcoin
while the cryptocurrency was trading at around $40,000 then, the New York Times reported. “But this is how female brain works,” the employee wrote then, according to the New York Times article. 

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Powell also once told employees that he didn’t believe they should choose their own pronouns, and in a separate scenario, started a discussion on Slack about “who…

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