OneWeb launches 40 satellites with SpaceX

The latest launch gives OneWeb 504 of the 648 satellites in its proposed LEO constellation.

SpaceX launched 40 satellites of communications company OneWeb from Florida.

The launch took the total number of OneWeb’s satellites in orbit to 502 and was the first of three planned missions SpaceX will conduct for OneWeb. Bharti Enterprises-backed OneWeb is building a constellation of 648 satellites in low Earth orbit to provide internet service.

This launch adds another 40 satellites to OneWeb’s 648 LEO satellite fleet, almost 80% of its first-generation constellation that will deliver global wholesale connectivity for its partners. This milestone mission marks OneWeb’s first time launching from Florida, where its satellites are also produced by OneWeb Satellites – a joint venture between OneWeb and Airbus.

The mission is the first of three dedicated Falcon 9 launches that OneWeb booked in March, shortly after an agreement with Arianespace to complete its constellation with Russian Soyuz rockets was suspended amid Russia’s war in Ukraine.

OneWeb also booked two flights with New Space India Limited, the commercial arm of India’s space agency. The first of these two missions enabled the operator to resume its launch campaign on October 22 when 36 OneWeb satellites were deployed on a GSLV Mark 3 rocket from India.

The launch will enable the company to significantly expand service and initiate additional connectivity solutions soon for partners across the US, Europe and much of the Middle East and Asia, representing all points north of the 35th parallel. The expansion of the…


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