PayPal brings its cryptocurrency services to the United Kingdom

The PayPal logo on a blue background

PayPal has announced that people in the United Kingdom can buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies through PayPal starting this week. It said the service is still rolling out to people’s accounts but this shouldn’t take more than a few weeks. With the new service, PayPal users can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitcoin Cash – all established cryptocurrencies.

PayPal will also show real-time crypto prices for those interested in trying their hand at trading in an attempt to make a profit. There will also be educational material on cryptocurrencies so you can get answers to common questions, learn about cryptocurrencies, and get the hang of the opportunities and risks involved.

To buy cryptocurrencies on PayPal, you will need to head to the PayPal website or mobile app and navigate to the new crypto tab where you can choose from the four options and view current prices or trends. You can start buying crypto with as little as £1 so you can test out the service before getting really invested. It’s worth noting at this point that cryptocurrencies are very volatile and you could be left with more than you put in; for…


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