Pera Wallet Partners With Opulous to Distribute MFT and NFTs

Pera Wallet recently announced a partnership with Opulous, a next-gen music-based blockchain platform.

The partnership will see Pera Wallet introducing Opulous’s MFTs and NFTs into the Algorand ecosystem. Opulous is known for its Music Fungible Tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens.

It is gaining traction for its future-proof smart contract and blockchain technology connecting investors and artists. With the latest collaboration, Opulous will expand its territory to Algorand, helping even more creators.

Pera stands as the gateway to Algorand for veterans and beginners alike. The venture has already worked with Opulous to boost its ecosystem, and their latest partnership will focus on aspects like:

  • A Trusted ASA Badge for Opulous -The recently-released ASA verification program has created a buzz around the market. Pera’s partnership with Opulous has helped them get verified and earn the ASA Badge. Only a few have earned this status, and Opulous is on the verge of joining them.
  • Joint marketing campaigns, social giveaways, and community incentives.
  • Collaborating to facilitate a seamless Opulous NFT, MFT, and token distribution on Pera Wallet.
  • Working together to boost their…


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