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How Saudi women’s participation in logistics and e-commerce is gaining momentum

DUBAI: With every passing year, more and more Saudi women are joining the Kingdom’s workforce in a host of industries long dominated by men, in large part thanks to reforms introduced under the Vision 2030 reform agenda.

The Vision 2030 reform agenda was launched in 2017 to help diversify the Saudi economy away from oil by tapping the energy and ideas of the Kingdom’s own young people — particularly its long-underrepresented women.

To this end, the Kingdom brought forward legislation that prevented gender discrimination in wages, occupations and working hours, and enabled women to incorporate businesses without obtaining prior consent. It also launched leadership training programs designed to boost the number of women in management roles.

Since the June 2020 launch of Amazon.sa, a dedicated online store for customers in Saudi Arabia, Amazon has been on a hiring spree, recruiting young Saudis to help facilitate and expand its delivery logistics network at a local level.

Eman Al-Enezi, Amazon KSA’s first Saudi female delivery associate. (Supplied)

More recently, Amazon’s recruiters have been targeting Saudi women to manage operations in the Kingdom, in keeping with the government’s drive to Saudize its workforce and empower women.

The US multinational best known for its e-commerce platforms and more recently for its forays into cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence is today one of the world’s most valuable and widely recognized brands.

The Amazon empire was built on the back of a streamlined global logistics network, staffed by legions of employees based at distribution centers all over the world.

Amazon’s latest Saudi hiring scheme was launched in March this year to create opportunities for women in collaboration with the company’s delivery service partners.

“The main challenge is the idea that these jobs are only for…

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