Singapore’s Nansen launches crypto-native messaging application

Nansen, a Singapore-based blockchain data analytics platform, announced Wednesday the launch of Nansen Connect, a crypto-native communications hub designed to be a nexus for high-value, high-signal interactions for Web3 natives.

Nansen said in a statement that Nansen Connect’s primary feature is full blockchain compatibility and analytical access, and it prioritizes behavioral transparency by making the blockchain data of its users widely available, encouraging community building and developer accountability.

Nansen Connect allows users to log in with their crypto wallet, select a username based on their Nansen wallet labels, join groups based on crypto holdings and on-chain behaviors, send DMs to other users (with end-to-end encryption), and monitor key collection statistics and user holding information in real-time. These features are essential to the crypto ecosystem and will impact how communities form and interact.

Not only will it allow collectors and traders to monitor, in real-time, the actions of developers (dumping), but it will also reduce the risk of certain scams, such as the Discord moderator hacks that have plagued the Bored Ape community.

“While certain Web 2 platforms can be used to token-gate communities, they rely on plugins and are rife with problems. Nansen Connect offers a secure, crypto-native method for users and groups to explore the frontiers of Web 3 communication,” said Paul Harwood, Product Manager at Nansen.

“Communities will now be able to better filter noise within their own ranks, as it will be easier than ever to recognize and acknowledge the highest-conviction holders. Retail investors will have a chance to interact with some of the industry’s biggest whales, allowing them to take part in important conversations, and top performers can form groups of the most profitable people in the world in order to chat strategy,” he added.

At launch, users will be able to join groups based on their holdings, view key…


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