Steelrising, Destroy All Humans 2, & Old Skies

There are so many great upcoming games and recently released game demos this year that we’re working overtime to preview as many of them as possible, whether written or in our streams. So today, we are offering a quick preview of Soulslike Steelrising, upgraded remake Destroy All Humans 2 – Reprobed, and point-and-click adventure Old Skies, the latter two of which have Steam Next Fest demos available now.

Preview: Steelrising Doesn’t Make Much Sense, but It’s Certainly Fun

Steelrising is an action RPG from Spiders, the team that brought you GreedFall, set during the French Revolution but in an alternate timeline. In this world, the uprising is tied to the heavy use of fully autonomous robots called automats that have been armed for combat and sent in to quell the dissidents under the command of King Louis XVI.

You take control of Aegis, a unique automat that has the ability to speak and make her own decisions. Tasked by the king to keep guard over the queen, Marie Antoinette, Aegis is secretly sent by her highness to investigate the disappearance of her children and report back.

The preview build introduces all…


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