Teflon Sega Metaverse Concert On Wave Gets NFTs Through OneOf Market

Interactive, immersive entertainment site Wave is partnering with Quincy Jones-backed NFT marketplace OneOf for its first series of digital collectibles, tied to a live online performance by electronic artist/producer Teflon Sega.

Teflon Sega’s performance will take place on Wave.watch at 6 pm (PT) on May 12, with an NFT drop on OneOf hitting at the same time. It marks one of the more integrated uses of Metaverse-style immersive, interactive and live events with the separate tech trend of non-fungible tokens featuring digital collectibles. The sites will give away an NFT commemorative poster of the concert free to all registered attendees.

The Dimensions Vol. 2 event will, like a previous Teflon Sega performance on Wave last month, allow fans to interact and help shape the direction of the immersive experience as it unfolds onscreen. The technology uses motion-capture technology and graphics tools used in video games to create digital avatars of performers and their backdrops/stages. The performances also stream live on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, Facebook and Roblox.

Wave CEO and co-foundedr Adam Arrigo…

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