The CoinGeek Pulse Special: BSV Global Blockchain Convention 2022 in Dubai

“What kind of world do you want?”

This is the question Jimmy Nguyen, BSV Blockchain Association Founding President and conference host, asked the attendees as he opened the inaugural BSV Global Blockchain Convention in Dubai. This week on the CoinGeek Pulse, we are running a special episode to break down the highlights and the best moments of the three-day event that would define the kind of world that movers and key players in the ecosystem perceive with the BSV blockchain.

In his opening speech, Nguyen presented the BSV blockchain as a scalable, secure, and efficient public blockchain that would be useful to create the world that we want—to advance many projects and initiatives by governments, enterprises, and even consumers. 

“We have that opportunity now with Bitcoin and blockchain to recreate what should have been created with the internet,” said Nguyen. He then asked, “Do you want a world with just investment speculation?”

He mentioned the kind of world that empowers every person in every country; a world where cities, communities, and nations are smarter, more automated, more connected; a world of sustainability, honesty, with data integrity; a world of…


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