The Four Factors That Make NFTs Successful

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Keeping a finger on the pulse of the fast-moving non-fungible token world isn’t an easy feat. But Matt Medved took on that challenge last year and founded NFT Now, an online outlet focused on all things NFT.

Majoring in journalism at Northwestern University and having a deep interest in music and dance, Medved served as editor-in-chief of music at culture magazine Spin and also founded popular music dance magazine Billboard Dance.

To his disappointment, when he ventured into the NFT space after first hearing about and becoming fascinated with the technology in late 2020, there wasn’t much in the way of trustworthy and independent information on this nascent industry. With his long track record of professional publishing, Medved knew NFT Now was the logical next step for him.

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Medved had an eclectic and fairly global career – not only as a magazine…


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